Covid microchip developer says chipping humans is happening “whether we like it or not

The plan is to “transform healthcare on a global scale.”

Towards the end of last year, tech start-up Dsruptive Subdermals announced a microchip installed under the skin that can be scanned to reveal Covid vaccination status.

The technology was criticized, with many calling it “invasive.”

In an interview with Express, the company’s managing director doubled down on the technology and told critics the technology was here to stay.

RelatedOver 6,000 Swedish citizens are already chipped

The technology is a pre-programmed and scannable implant about the size of a grain of rice. It stores the vaccination information, displaying a person’s Covid-19 vaccine passport when scanned.

Speaking to Express, Hannes Sjobald, the company’s managing director, said: “This technology exists and is used whether we like it or not.

“I am happy that it is brought into the public conversation.

“New technologies must be broadly debated and understood.

“Smart implants are a powerful health technology.

“That is what we are building at Dsruptive and our goal is to transform healthcare on a global scale.”

Sjobald said the technology makes the vaccine passports more “accessible.”

“This means it is always accessible for me or for anyone else, really, who wants to read me.

“For example, if I go to the movies or go to a shopping center, then people will be able to check my status even if I don’t have my phone.”If you’re tired of censorship, cancel culture, and the erosion of civil liberties subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

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Poggers I think the people owe a public apology to the “crazy conspiracy theorists” who have been warning the people of what’s to come.

JDKelley I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own.”

I do not wish to be “read.” I don’t even like being /asked/, what makes you think I want some random idiot to be able to walk by and just “read” me with his mobe? Maybe I don’t even like talking about my vax or immunity status. Maybe I’m tired of having that conversation. Maybe I’m tired of the whole “Papers, please!” society we’re becoming over what amounts to a superflu, with a 99.95% aggregate survival rate, and a mortality/morbidity profile comparable to the /grippe/.

Maybe, just /maybe/, I want to be left the Hell alone to live out the rest of my span without any grief from /you/, without being “chipped” whether I like it or not (I don’t, and if you want to come try, I invite you to do so. Come alone – anyone you bring is to serve as a witness, and nothing more. Expect resistance. A LOT of it!)

Maybe I think this whole thing is (unsurprisingly) overblown in order to scare the populace, thereby making them easier to control, and I’m going around doing my part to redpill people and kick rational, independent thought back into motion – even if it’s a delayed-action “Huh? Wuzzat?” process. If we can get enough people to /think/ instead of react, we can get people to /act/, and that will just scare the absolute /shit/ out of the government (because it will take away their initiative, and allow the people to properly resume control of society, as they should have in the first place.)

George Clinton said it best in the 1970s – “Free your mind, and your ass will follow.” And it’s every bit as true today as it was then – free your MINDS, people, and your asses /can’t/ /help/ but follow!

Maybe I don’t want you to read me. In fact, why don’t you go read yourself, Sjobald.
Ah, the Swedes…they cave at the least provocation. In fact, during WWII they were never invaded by Germany because they cooperated with the Reich. Go along to get along, that’s Sweden…What a bunch of !#$#$%$&.

Brain chips are no longer science fiction. The Cyborg Age has arrived

Revelation 13:16 (KJV). “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:”

Brain chips are no longer science fiction. The Cyborg Age has arrived

Press on Salvo to see his report
Brain chips are no longer science fiction. The Cyborg Age has arrived! Tap on War Room to see live interview with Steve Bannon & Joe Allen

If this isn’t the end times then nothing is. The mark of the beast.

More on this subject below from another writer.

From time to time, the Singularity Hub editorial team unearths a gem from the archives and wants to share it all over again. It’s usually a piece that was popular back then and we think is still relevant now. This is one of those articles. It was originally published September 1, 2016. We hope you enjoy it!

How many cyborgs did you see during your morning commute today? I would guess at least five. Did they make you nervous? Probably not; you likely didn’t even realize they were there.

In a presentation titled “Biohacking and the Connected Body” at Singularity University Global Summit, Hannes Sjoblad informed the audience that we’re already living in the age of cyborgs. Sjoblad is co-founder of the Sweden-based biohacker network Bionyfiken, a chartered non-profit that unites DIY-biologists, hackers, makers, body modification artists and health and performance devotees to explore human-machine integration.

Sjoblad said the cyborgs we see today don’t look like Hollywood prototypes; they’re regular people who have integrated technology into their bodies to improve or monitor some aspect of their health. Sjoblad defined biohackingas applying hacker ethic to biological systems. Some biohackers experiment with their biology with the goal of taking the human body’s experience beyond what nature intended.

Smart insulin monitoring systems, pacemakersbionic eyes, and Cochlear implants are all examples of biohacking, according to Sjoblad. He told the audience, “We live in a time where, thanks to technology, we can make the deaf hear, the blind see, and the lame walk.” He is convinced that while biohacking could conceivably end up having Brave New World-like dystopian consequences, it can also be leveraged to improve and enhance our quality of life in multiple ways.

The field where biohacking can make the most positive impact is health. In addition to pacemakers and insulin monitors, several new technologies are being developed with the goal of improving our health and simplifying access to information about our bodies.

Ingestibles are a type of smart pill that use wireless technology to monitor internal reactions to medications, helping doctors determine optimum dosage levels and tailor treatments to different people. Your body doesn’t absorb or process medication exactly as your neighbor’s does, so shouldn’t you each have a treatment that works best with your unique system? Colonoscopies and endoscopies could one day be replaced by miniature pill-shaped video cameras that would collect and transmit images as they travel through the digestive tract.

Singularity University Global Summit is the culmination of the Exponential Conference Series and the definitive place to witness converging exponential technologies and understand how they’ll impact the world.

Security is another area where biohacking could be beneficial. One example Sjoblad gave was personalization of weapons: an invader in your house couldn’t fire your gun because it will have been matched to your fingerprint or synced with your body so that it only responds to you.

Biohacking can also simplify everyday tasks. In an impressive example of walking the walk rather than just talking the talk, Sjoblad had an NFC chipimplanted in his hand. The chip contains data from everything he used to have to carry around in his pockets: credit and bank card information, key cards to enter his office building and gym, business cards, and frequent shopper loyalty cards. When he’s in line for a morning coffee or rushing to get to the office on time, he doesn’t have to root around in his pockets or bag to find the right card or key; he just waves his hand in front of a sensor and he’s good to go.

Evolved from radio frequency identification (RFID)—an old and widely distributed technology—NFC chips are activated by another chip, and small amounts of data can be transferred back and forth. No wireless connection is necessary. Sjoblad sees his NFC implant as a personal key to the Internet of Things, a simple way for him to talk to the smart, connected devices around him.

Sjoblad isn’t the only person who feels a need for connection.

When British science writer Frank Swainrealized he was going to go deaf, he decided to hack his hearing to be able to hear Wi-Fi. Swain developed software that tunes into wireless communication fields and uses an inbuilt Wi-Fi sensor to pick up router name, encryption modes and distance from the device. This data is translated into an audio stream where distant signals click or pop, and strong signals sound their network ID in a looped melody. Swain hears it all through an upgraded hearing aid.

Global datastreams can also become sensory experiences. Spanish artist Moon Ribas developed and implanted a chip in her elbow that is connected to the global monitoring system for seismographic sensors; each time there’s an earthquake, she feels it through vibrations in her arm.

You can feel connected to our planet, too: North Sense makes a “standalone artificial sensory organ” that connects to your body and vibrates whenever you’re facing north. It’s a built-in compass; you’ll never get lost again.

Biohacking applications are likely to proliferate in the coming years, some of them more useful than others. But there are serious ethical questions that can’t be ignored during development and use of this technology. To what extent is it wise to tamper with nature, and who gets to decide?

Most of us are probably ok with waiting in line an extra 10 minutes or occasionally having to pull up a maps app on our phone if it means we don’t need to implant computer chips into our forearms. If it’s frightening to think of criminals stealing our wallets, imagine them cutting a chunk of our skin out to have instant access to and control over our personal data. The physical invasiveness and potential for something to go wrong seems to far outweigh the benefits the average person could derive from this technology.

But that may not always be the case. It’s worth noting the miniaturization of technology continues at a quick rate, and the smaller things get, the less invasive (and hopefully more useful) they’ll be. Even today, there are people already sensibly benefiting from biohacking. If you look closely enough, you’ll spot at least a couple cyborgs on your commute tomorrow morning

Breaking news: Major Supplement Company Will No Longer Sponsor or Attend Arnold Schwarzenegger Events After His “Screw Your Freedom” Remark

BREAKING: One of the top supplement companies in the world REDCON1 slams Schwarzenegger for his anti-American comments, and pulls their support for his arnoldclassic world wide. Sometimes you should keep your big mouth shut.


Major Supplement Company Will No Longer Sponsor or Attend Arnold Schwarzenegger Events After His “Screw Your Freedom” Remark
Tap on Arnold to go to video

A major supplement company has dropped its support for Arnold Schwarzenegger after he said “screw your freedom” to those who are skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccine or no longer want to wear masks.

“After much deliberation, we have decided at REDCON1 to no longer sponsor the Arnold Classic or any of the Arnold events around the world, and also not attend the Arnold events,” REDCON1 founder Aaron Singerman announced in a video message.

Singerman called the decision a “very difficult” one to make, citing his adulation for Arnold growing up. Beloved by many bodybuilders and those in the fitness industry, Singerman said that it’s easy to keep “overlooking a lot of stuff” Arnold has said or done.

“When somebody says ‘screw your freedom,’ I can’t, and REDCON1 can’t, in good conscience continue to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars sponsoring that person or show with a name honoring that person,” he said. “I really wish that wasn’t the case.”

Singerman added that he’s not necessarily thinking in partisan terms, because freedom is essential to American culture and way of life.

“That’s what makes America great, the ability to choose. To choose to wear masks, to choose to get a vaccine, to choose or not to choose. And that’s okay. […] But when you say ‘screw your freedoms’ or you’re a ‘schmuck’ or ‘moron’ or anything else because you disagree with somebody.

This man is the one that should be running our country

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis takes part in a roundtable discussion about the uprising in Cuba at the American Museum of the Cuba Diaspora in Miami, Fla., on July 13, 2021. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis takes part in a roundtable discussion about the uprising in Cuba at the American Museum of the Cuba Diaspora in Miami, Fla.,

Florida Districts Reverse Mask Rules After DeSantis’ Order to Cut Funding

By Lorenz DuchampsAugust 3, 2021 Updated: August 3, 2021FacebookTweetEmail193 Comments

Virus Outbreak California Schools

School districts in Florida have altered their mask mandates for students after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) issued an executive order that the state will deny funding to any districts enforcing such rules.

The Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) said in a statement on Monday it will reverse the mask requirement and “intends to comply” with the governor’s latest order, but they will keep encouraging everyone in schools to wear masks and get vaccinated against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

At this time, children aged 12 and older are eligible to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in the United States.

The school board, following a vote last week, mandated facial coverings when in-person learning resumes this month. DeSantis said he wants parents to decide whether their children should wear a mask to school.

“The District will advocate for all eligible students and staff to receive vaccines and strongly encourage masks to be worn by everyone in schools,” BCPS said. “The District will also work to adhere to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, including frequent cleaning and disinfecting of our schools, physical distancing, hand washing, and staying home when sick.”

The school district in Gadsden County on Monday also reversed its mask requirement for students after classrooms will reopen in the fall, Fox 13 News reported.

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A spokeswoman for the district said the decision came after the order, noting that the board will continue to follow “CDC guidelines as the governor will allow.”MOST READ

Florida Districts Reverse Mask Rules After DeSantis’ Order to Cut Funding

FDA Authorizes Antibody Cocktail as COVID-19 Prevention Treatment

In yet another reversal, the CDC said last week that fully vaccinated individuals in areas with “substantial and high transmission” of COVID-19 should wear masks indoors in some areas, including schools, citing new research into outbreaks from several states and other countries.A masked student at an elementary school in Chula Vista, Calif.. on July 21, 2021. (Denis Poroy/AP Photo)

A law DeSantis signed in May gives him the authority to invalidate local emergency public health measures, including mask mandates and limitations on business operations. It also bans any business or government entity from requiring proof of vaccination documentation.RELATED

National Institutes of Health Head: Businesses Should Require Vaccine Credentials From Customers

National Institutes of Health Head: Businesses Should Require Vaccine Credentials From Customers

The Republican governor has credited his response to the pandemic, which has focused on vaccinating seniors and nursing home residents, for the fact that fewer Floridians are dying now than last August. A year ago, Florida was averaging about 180 COVID-19 deaths per day during an early August spike, but last week averaged about 55 per day.

“Even among a lot of positive tests, you are seeing much less mortality than you did year-over-year,” he said while speaking at a Miami-area press conference. “Would I rather have 5,000 cases among 20-year-olds or 500 cases among seniors? I would rather have the younger.”

DeSantis added that “media hysteria” on the record hospitalizations will cause people who might be suffering from a heart attack or stroke to avoid going to an emergency room for fear of being infected, as statistics show happened last year.

“People were having heart attacks at home because either they thought there was not enough room at the hospital or get COVID and die,” he said.

DOJ gets temporary restraining order against Texas governor

For the last couple of days, we’ve been following Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s attempt to stop contractors hired by the federal government from transporting “noncitizens” (illegals) from the border to other parts of Texas, where those infected with COVID-19 can spread it throughout the state and beyond. The case was presented on Monday before the U.S. District Court in El Paso, and the feds won this round, obtaining a temporary restraining order against Abbott. LEGAL INSURRECTION has a very good analysis of what took place, by William A. Jacobson.

Gov. Abbott had signed Executive Order GA-37 to minimize the “potentially catastrophic effect on public health in Texas” caused by the confluence of the migrant crisis and the pandemic. Texas was facing two surges at the same time: a COVID-19 surge and an illegal immigration surge, and he had to do something to protect the citizens of his state. There is precedent for his standing up to the federal government in such a situation, in the case of Jacobson v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts: “Upon the principle of self-defense, of paramount necessity, a community has the right to protect itself against an epidemic of disease which threatens the safety of its members.”

But the DOJ sued, claiming the Texas order infringed on federal control of immigration. Here are the details, also from William Jacobson, including the full texts of the order from Gov. Abbott, AG Garland’s complaint, and a letter sent by Abbott in response, helpfully suggesting some actions the Biden administration could take to avoid a “constitutional showdown.” But such a showdown seems to be exactly what they want.

One of those suggestions was to “simply enforce the existing federal immigration laws and stop admitting migrants who are not authorized by Congress to be admitted. That would substantially reduce the importation of COVID-19 while also fulfilling the government’s role to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.” Seems simple enough. Of course, we know that this is not President Biden’s goal at all, or he would do it.

“How much does the Biden administration love the illegal migration taking place at the southern border?” Jacobson asks. “Biden has encouraged people to come here illegally, and to send their children here illegally in dangerous conditions, by offering a de facto sanctuary nation. So important is protecting this migration to the Biden administration that it trumps the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.”

With that last sentence, Jacobson nails the reason for this whole mess: twisted, toxic politics. We see quite clearly what this administration’s actual priorities are, and it’s infuriating. We’ve done our part for a year and a half with the masks and distancing and social isolation and kids at home and business-crushing lockdowns and now shots, only to see that those in charge, in the end, care nothing for our safety. That’s a strong statement, I know, but it’s obviously much more important to them to bus in illegal immigrants by the hundreds of thousands from a part of the world where the virus is rampant. Come on in, healthy or sick, the Biden administration tells its new “noncitizens”; Biden and his Justice Department want you here so much that they’re willing to let you spread the virus from sea to shining sea if you happen to be infected. They just know you’ll vote Democrat, and they want you to keep pouring in till the country is solid blue.

Jacobson finds the federal government’s argument presented Monday to be without merit. The U.S. government, he says, “seeks to judicially nullify GA-37 through a blunderbuss and sweeping application of preemption and intergovernmental immunity.”

[From Oxford Dictionaries –- blun-der-buss (noun) an action or way of doing something regarded as lacking in subtlety and precision: “economists resort too quickly to the blunderbuss of regulation”]

So Attorney General Merrick Garland is using a big ol’ blunderbuss to keep Gov. Abbott from protecting the people of his state from the rampant spread of COVID-19. And so far, it’s working. A DOJ lawyer argued that Abbott’s order would disrupt a network of government-paid contractors transporting migrants and cause a backup — “chaos.” You know what’s already causing chaos? Biden’s border policy.

The next step now is for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to file responsive papers, in which he’ll acknowledge that, yes, the feds control immigration but will then argue that their non-enforcement of federal law is creating a health crisis in Texas. This is not an attempt to regulate immigration but to regulate public health during a pandemic. Also, the reasoning goes, there is no infringement on federal immigration because Texas isn’t deporting people. To put it another way, they’re just “stopping the spread,” as we can’t stop the spread of COVID without stopping the spread of migrants who carry it.

In a statement on July 30, Paxton accused the Biden administration of abandoning its duty to safeguard the border and vowed to protect Gov. Abbott’s executive order in court. He says he and the governor “will work together to keep President Biden out of Texas’ business.” We should all count ourselves as Texans in spirit today.

The temporary restraining order goes until 8AM on August 13, “or until such later date as may be extended by the Court or agreed upon by the parties.” That’s the specific date and time set for the hearing on the request for a preliminary injunction against Gov. Abbott’s order. In the meantime, presumably the buses will continue to run.

Jacobson agrees that Biden’s malfeasance is “outrageous,” but he says Texas still has “an uphill fight.”

Why do we have so much evil today?

We have finally come to a time in our history, and in America that we have yet to be able to take it all in…

I have read where people have posted, how did this happen so fast? Come on really. Hello wake up come out of your cave.

Why are there senseless wars always in progress somewhere worsening or taking the lives of already impoverished and desperate people?

No matter how much the evil has been committed in wars, riots, misgovernment and societal decline, or fake news known as social media, nothing really changes to improve, it just gets more corrupt and perverted.

What was once considered sinful, appalling and immoral is now increasingly acceptable.

First we as a people overlook evil. Then over time we legalize evil. Then we promote evil. Then we celebrate evil. And finally we persecute those who still call it evil.

Is any of this starting to sound like it’s going on now.

Please feel free to go here and watch or maybe just listen so that you might understand what’s going on.

Press on the link below.

Or here is another one that might help….

Or this might help

See how one man can change America if you help him and believe. Freedom or die. Watch below

This will see how one man can change America if you help him and believe. Freedom or die.

If you are worried watch this and this could help with all your needs and the decisions you need to make. There might not be a tomorrow.

Will Twitter ban Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla since he now says the jabs don’t work?

(Natural News) All of a sudden, those running the plandemic are changing their tune about the safety and effectiveness of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Albert Bourla, the king of Pfizer, told CNBC in a recent interview that his company’s emergency-authorized injections offer “very limited protection, if any.”

Wait, what? Just a few months ago, Bourla wanted to lock up parents for not injecting their children with the “lifesaving medicine,” and now he is admitting that they do nothing to protect health?

Bourla was of course just talking about the first two mRNA (messenger RNA) shots from Pfizer, which he claims are no longer enough to provide any protection against the Fauci Flu. Now, Bourla wants people to get a third (and eventually a fourth) “booster” dose to keep the profits flowing.

“The two doses, they’re not enough for omicron,” Bourla told the fake financial news network in the hopes of boosting his company’s stock price.

“The third dose of the current vaccine is providing quite good protection against deaths, and decent protection against hospitalizations.”

Albert Bourla is a greedy, genocidal maniac

This is completely false, as we now know that the boosters are spreading more variants. Nearly every person in the hospital right now with a strange illness took the jabs believing it would help them stay “safe.”

Bourla could not care less about the facts, though. In fact, he wants you hauled off to prison for trying to share them on social media platforms like Twitter.

The guy does not believe in informed consent, nor does he believe you should even have a choice in taking his company’s injections. Bourla wants Pfizer shots injected into people’s bodies at gunpoint if necessary.

Meanwhile, CNBC admitted in another report that new data out of the United Kingdom proves that both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections are not all that effective at preventing infection with omicron.

The full “inoculation” regimen, it turns out, is only about 10 percent effective (whatever that means) at preventing omicron. And this measly 10 percent only occurs 20 weeks after the second dose, we are told.

Many can see, based on real-life observation, that everyone who is “fully vaccinated” and getting boosted is either sick right now or got sick at some point following the shots.

Many people got sick the very same day they got shot with symptoms that sound exactly like what the media has been calling “covid” for the past several years – so what is the point?

Oh, these “cases” are milder than they would have been had no shots been given. The only problem is that the healthiest people right now are those who refused the shots and left their immune system alone.

Keep in mind that just a few months ago, Bourla was lying all over the television about how Pfizer shots are 100 percent effective. Back in April, for instance, Bourla tweeted the following:

“Excited to share that updated analysis from our Phase 3 study with BioNTech also showed that our COVID-19 vaccine was 100% effective in preventing #COVID19 cases in South Africa. 100%!”

Bourla now says that a fourth booster shot from Pfizer will be ready by March, which means more money in his pocket.

“We [are] already starting manufacturing some of these quantities at risk,” Bourla announced.

“The hope is that we will achieve something that will have way, way better protection particularly against infections, because the protection against the hospitalizations and the severe disease – it is reasonable right now, with the current vaccines as long as you are having let’s say the third dose.”

The latest news about Albert Bourla, Pfizer, and the plandemic sham can be found at

The Bible Is Authoritative Truth

by John MacArthur

This post was first published during November 2019.

When it comes to views of Scripture we live in a skeptical age. While there have always been those who questioned the authority and authenticity of God’s Word, the church itself was not home to doubters and skeptics. The staunch anti-authority trend we see among professing believers today began in the eighteenth century and the post-Reformation Enlightenment—during the ascendancy of human reason—when skeptics and critics brought the legitimacy of God’s Word under widespread attack. Today, we’re dealing with the devastating destruction that has accumulated in just a few centuries due to viewing the Bible as something less than the inerrant, authoritative Word of God.

The authority and inerrancy of Scripture are fundamental doctrines, yet we have an entire generation of professing Christians who are neither committed to those dogmas nor able to fight to defend them. Most could not articulate a case for biblical authority or defend why every word of God is true—whether internally from the text of Scripture, or externally from the validations of fulfilled prophecy and reason. Many cannot give a clear defense of why it is necessary to have an inerrant, authoritative Scripture in order for the Holy Spirit to do His work of saving and sanctifying. Though these are foundational realities, too many Christians seem indifferent to these essentials.

Congregations sit listening to sermons from pastors who have been conditioned to elevate methodology, cultural cues, and entertainment in order to attract a crowd rather than to serve an assembly of true worshipers who are able to understand, articulate, and defend the truth of God revealed in Scripture. While a focus on methodology does not necessarily deny the authority of Scripture, there is a de facto denial of Scripture’s supremacy when it is set aside for other means and methods. The Bible is regularly treated superficially and routinely taken out of context, resulting in a generation that has no expectation that the preacher would handle the Word of God accurately. Rather, people are trained to treat the Bible like a book that they are free to manipulate for their own ends, which ultimately both exposes and perpetuates their low view of Scripture.

But the Bible isn’t a book full of ideas, opinions, and principles awaiting our consideration. Everything God’s Word says carries authority because of Who authored it. That is why all believers must embrace and submit to the authority of Scripture. God’s Word is the final authority in His church—no pastor or pope sits in judgment of it. Peter refers to Scripture as the “utterances of God” (1 Peter 4:11), meaning it is the very words from the mouth of God. Paul says that believers “have the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:16). That isn’t some kind of gnostic higher knowledge, attained through mystical or subjective means. It means the mind of Christ is displayed for us in the pages of God’s Word. If anyone wants to know what the Lord thinks about anything, he simply needs to open the Bible. All the insight we need has been delivered to us in the authoritative Word of God. As Charles Spurgeon rightly explained, there is no other reliable source of truth to which we can cling.

“Thus saith the Lord” is the only authority in God’s Church. When the tabernacle was pitched in the wilderness, what was the authority for its length and breadth? Why was the altar of incense to be placed here, and the brazen laver there? Why so many lambs or bullocks to be offered on a certain day? Why must the passover be roasted whole and not sodden? Simply and only because God had shown all these things to Moses in the holy mount; and thus had Jehovah spoken, “Look that thou make them after their pattern, which was showed thee in the mount.” It is even so in the Church at the present day; true servants of God demand to see for all Church ordinances and doctrines the express authority of the Church’s only Teacher and Lord. They remember that the Lord Jesus bade the apostles to teach believers to observe all things whatsoever he had commanded them, but he neither gave to them nor to any men power to alter his own commands. The Holy Ghost revealed much of precious truth and holy precept by the apostles, and to his teaching we would give earnest heed; but when men cite the authority of fathers, and councils, and bishops, we give place for subjection, no, not for an hour. They may quote Irenaeus or Cyprian, Augustine or Chrysostom; they may remind us of the dogmas of Luther or Calvin; they may find authority in Simeon, or Wesley, or Gill—we will listen to the opinions of these great men with the respect which they deserve as men, but having so done, we deny that we have anything to do with these men as authorities in the Church of God, for there nothing has any authority, but “Thus saith the Lord of hosts.” Yea, if you shall bring us the concurrent consent of all tradition—if you shall quote precedents venerable with fifteen, sixteen, or seventeen centuries of antiquity, we burn the whole as so much worthless lumber, unless you put your finger upon the passage of Holy Writ which warrants the matter to be of God. You may further plead, in addition to all this venerable authority, the beauty of the ceremony and its usefulness to those who partake therein, but this is all foreign to the point, for to the true Church of God the only question is this, is there a “Thus saith the Lord” for it? And if divine authority be not forthcoming, faithful men thrust forth the intruder as the cunning craftiness of men. [1]

The only one who has the right to speak to His people with authority is God. The Father called sinners out of the darkness of sin and fitted them for the work of His kingdom. Christ purchased the church with His own blood. He is the head of the church, and the head of the church mediates His authority through His Word. And through the Word, the Holy Spirit does His work of sanctification in every believer’s life. God’s people need to faithfully submit to the final authority of His written Word

stop this madness now: Here We Go New ‘Deltacron’ Strain Discovered Combines Delta and Omicron

Leondios Kostrikis, professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus, has discovered a new strain of Covid that combines Omicron and Delta dubbed “Deltacron,” according to Bloomberg News.

“There are currently omicron and delta co-infections and we found this strain that is a combination of these two,” Kostrikis said in an interview with Sigma TV Friday.

A strain of Covid-19 that combines delta and omicron was found in Cyprus, according to Leondios Kostrikis, professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus and head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology.

Kostrikis and his team have identified 25 such cases and the statistical analysis shows that the relative frequency of the combined infection is higher among patients hospitalized due to Covid-19 as compared to non-hospitalized patients. The sequences of the 25 deltacron cases were sent to GISAID, the international database that tracks changes in the virus, on Jan. 7.

“We will see in the future if this strain is more pathological or more contagious or if it will prevail” over delta and omicron, he said. But his personal view is that this strain will also be displaced by the highly contagious omicron variant.

Last week Israel recorded the first case of what health officials are calling “Flurona” – a mixture of two diseases, influenza and coronavirus.


Is that a subsidiary of Fasci’s NIAID? Wasn’t that the place where they “researched” beagles to death, or was that another of the little toad’s torture chambers around the world?

When millions start dopping dead in the, big city schiff holes, then there will be a real pandemic in progress. Till then this is all a Pig Pharma and medical industry, money making scam.

It will not go away as long as the political establishment/MSM can exercise any control, no matter how minimal, of the sheeple.

OK so it’s here to stay like the flu so we live with it and life goes on.

The FluRonaDeltaOmicronCoVSAR-19 is common now as the common cold.

Cars kill more people every year in the US.

Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in America. It looks like they are wanting to be #1 (look it up, links are no longer allowed here. Medical errors, cnbc)

The Truth

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