Not everyone is cut out for leadership in the church. That’s why Paul in 1 Timothy 3:1–7 expands on his instruction for men by describing the categories and qualifications for church leadership. In verse 1 he says, “It is a trustworthy statement; if any man aspires to the office of overseer, it is a fine work he desires to do.”

An essential requirement for a church leader is that he be a man. Women have a vitally important role in the church, the home, and in society. That role, however, does not include leadership over God’s people. While both men and women can serve in a variety of ways under the general and broad category of deacon (1 Timothy 3:8–13), Paul makes it clear that the leadership of the church is limited to men.

“Overseer” refers to those men who are called by God to lead His church. In the New Testament the terms overseerpastor, and elder all refer to the same office (cf. Acts 20:28Titus 1:5–91 Peter 5:1–2). Among their responsibilities are ruling, preaching, and teaching (1 Timothy 5:17), praying for the sick (James 5:14), caring for the church, setting an example for the people to follow (1 Peter 5:1–3), establishing church policy (Acts 15:22-33), and ordaining other leaders (1 Timothy 4:14).

The character and effectiveness of any church is directly related to the quality of its leadership. That’s why the Bible stresses the importance of qualified church leadership and delineates specific standards for evaluating those who would serve in that sacred position. Failure to adhere to those standards has caused many of the problems that churches throughout the world currently face.

It is significant that Paul’s description of the qualifications for overseers focuses on their character rather than their function. That’s because a man is qualified by who he is, not by what he does.

And those spiritual qualifications are nonnegotiable. I am convinced they are part of what determines whether a man is indeed called by God to the ministry. Bible schools and seminaries can help equip a man for ministry. Church boards and pulpit committees can extend opportunities for him to serve. But only God can call a man and make him fit for the ministry. And that call is not a matter of analyzing one’s talents and then selecting the best career option. It’s a Spirit-generated compulsion to be a man of God and serve Him in the church. Those whom God calls will meet the qualifications.

Why are the standards so high? Because whatever the leaders are, the people become. As Hosea said, “Like people, like priest” (Hosea 4:9). Jesus said, “Everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher” (Luke 6:40). Biblical history demonstrates that people will seldom rise above the spiritual level of their leadership.

You might think these qualifications don’t apply to you because you don’t sense God’s call. Yet the only significant difference between an elder’s qualifications and those of a deacon is that an elder must be skilled as a teacher (cf. 1 Timothy 3:1–13). In addition, Paul applies most of these character qualities to all believers in his other letters. So in that sense, whether you are male or female, these qualities ought to be the goals in your Christian life. But if you are a man seeking a position of leadership, you must meet the required qualifications.

While Paul begins by commending the man who desires the office of elder (1 Timothy 3:1), no one should ever be placed into church leadership on desire alone. It is the church’s responsibility to affirm a man’s qualifications for ministry by measuring him against God’s standard for leadership as delineated in verses 2–7.

A fundamental, universal requirement for an overseer is that he “must be above reproach” (1 Timothy 3:2). It is an absolute necessity. The Greek text indicates that being above reproach is the man’s present state—he has sustained a reputation for being irreproachable. There’s nothing to accuse him of. It doesn’t refer to sins he committed before he matured as a Christian—unless those sins remain a blight on his life.

A church leader’s life must not be marred by sin or vice—be it an attitude, habit, or incident. That’s not to say he must be perfect, but there must not be any obvious defect in his character. He must be a model of godliness so he can legitimately call his congregation to follow his example (Philippians 3:17). That is a high standard, but it isn’t a double standard. Since you are responsible to follow the example of your godly leaders (Hebrews 13:717), God requires you to be above reproach as well. The difference is that certain sins can disqualify church leaders for life, whereas that’s not necessarily true for less prominent roles in the church. Nevertheless, God requires blamelessness of all believers (cf. Ephesians 1:4Philippians 1:10Colossians 1:222 Peter 3:14Jude 24).

A church leader disqualifies himself when his unrighteousness communicates to others that one can live in sin and still be a spiritual leader. Malicious people are always looking for ways to discredit the reputation of Christ and His church. A sinful leader plays right into their hands, giving them an unparalleled opportunity to justify their lack of belief.

It’s not coincidental that many pastors fall into sin and disqualify themselves from ministry. Satan works hard at undermining the integrity of spiritual leaders, because in so doing, he destroys their ministries and brings reproach upon Christ. Therefore spiritual leaders must guard their thoughts and actions carefully, and congregations must pray earnestly for the strength of their leadership. An unholy pastor is like a stained-glass window: a religious symbol that obscures the light. That’s why the initial qualification for spiritual leadership is blamelessness. As Paul delineates the other qualifications for overseers, he simply expands on the particulars of what it means to be above reproach..

There are only two groups of people in the world !

What group are you really in????

Today’s world is getting so scary, you know deep down that we are not ever going back to the good old days. I feel we are in the beginning the start of the final days. There is only two groups in the World. Where are you???

Click on the Picture of the Final Days and find out where you really are.

Here’s why Obama wanted her as vice president

Here’s why Obama wanted her as vice president — Biden won’t be in office one year before she takes over.

Here is a timely editorial from the Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee that exposes the hidden background of Kamala Harris which is posted here with permission of the author. CVFC PAC supports the election of US military combat veterans to the US Senate and House of Representatives. The editorial begins:

Kamala Harris’ father was an avowed Marxist professor in the Economics Department at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Both of Harris’ parents were active in the Berkeley based Afro-American Association; Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were the heroes of the Afro-American Association.

The group’s leader, Donald Warden (aka Khalid al-Mansour), mentored two young Afro-American Association members, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale; they created the Maoist inspired Black Panther Party which gained strong support from Communist China; the Black Panther Party served as the model for creation of the Black Lives Matter Marxist organization Khalid al-Mansour subsequently went on to arrange financing and facilitated for Barack Hussein Obama to be accepted as a student to matriculate at Harvard Law School.

Following her graduation from college, Harris returned to California and subsequently became the mistress of the 60-year-old married Speaker of the California Assembly, Willie Brown, Jr. Brown’s political campaigns were supported and funded by Dr. Carlton Goodlett, the owner of The Sun Reporter and several other pro-Communist newspapers. Brown was elected as Mayor of San Francisco, and strongly endorsed Harris’ Marxist political philosophy; he guided Harris’ political rise in California politics, leading to her election as California’s Attorney General. Willie Brown, Jr. was a well-known long-time Communist sympathizer. Willie Brown, Jr. was initially elected to public office with the substantial help of the Communist Party USA. Today, Willie Brown is widely regarded as one of the Chinese Communist Party’s best friends in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While serving as San Francisco District Attorney, Kamala Harris mentored a young San Francisco Radical Maoist activist, Lateefah Simon, who was a member of the STORM Revolutionary Movement; Simon currently chairs the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board. Simon has always been close friends with the founder of Black Lives Matter Marxist Domestic Terrorists, Alicia Garza, as well as STORM member and avowed Communist, Van Jones. Harris has been openly and aggressively supporting Black Lives Matter Marxists; Kamala Harris is still closely associated with Maoist Lateefah Simon and Marxist Alicia Garza.

Kamala Harris’s sister Maya Harris was a student activist at Stanford University. She was a closely associated with Steve Phillips, one of the leading Marxist-Leninists on campus and a long-time affiliate with the League of Revolutionary Struggle, a pro-Chinese Communist group. Phillips came out of the Left, and in college he studied Marx, Mao, and Lenin, and maintained close associations with fellow Communists. Phillips married into the multi-billion dollar Sandler family of the Golden West Savings and Loan fortune. He funded many leftist political campaigns, and the voter registration drives in the Southern and South Western states in order to help his friend, Barack Hussein Obama, defeat Hillary Clinton. Phillips has been a major financial sponsor for Kamala Harris’s political campaigns for various California elective offices.

Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff works for the law firm DLA Piper, which “boasts nearly 30 years of experience in Communist China with over 140 lawyers dedicated to its ‘Communist China Investment Services’ branch. He was just appointed to Professor at Yale to school future lawyers in the fine points of Communism. When she was elected to the US Senate, Kamala Harris appointed a Pro-Communist Senate Chief of Staff, Karine Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre was active with the New York-based Haiti Support Network. The organization worked closely with the pro-Communist China/Communist North Korea Workers World Party and supported Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the far-left Communist former president of Haiti and the radical Lavalas movement.

Fortunately for Harris, but potentially disastrous for the Republic, elected office holders are not subject to the security clearance process. If the FBI did a Background Investigation on Kamala Harris, she never would have passed, because of her 40-year close ties with Marxists, Communists, Maoists, and Communist China. Harris would never have been approved for acceptance to any of the 5 Military Service Academies, been appointed to a US Government Sub-Cabinet position, or would have been approved to fill a sensitive position for a high security defense contractor. Yet, since Joe Biden was elected, Harris could be a heartbeat away from being President.

The US constitutional Republic is being threatened by the People’s Republic of Communist China (PPC) externally, and by of their very active espionage operations within the United States. The People’s Republic of Communist China (PPC), with 1.4 billion people, is governed by the 90 million member Chinese Communist Party (CCP), that has been working with Russia to destroy the US Constitutional Republic for over 70 years.

The CCP operates a massive global intelligence network through its Ministry of State Security. The CCP operates a vast intelligence network in the U.S as well. It is made up, not merely of intelligence operatives working for the Ministry of State Security, but it is also made up of a myriad of business and industry officials, Chinese scholar associations, and 370,000 Chinese students currently attending American universities. It also operates the Confucius Institute indoctrination and intelligence gathering centers in the US on 67 University campuses and in seventeen K-12 Public School Districts. The Confucius Centers are staffed by Communist Chinese intelligence operatives. Refer to this.

Kamala Harris is now involved with the Biden Family Business, and is supporting Joe Biden, who has worked closely with Communist China for 12 years. Joe’s son, Hunter Biden, is the point of contact for developing the off-shore Biden Family Businesses in Ukraine, Russia, Communist China, Iraq, Iran, etc. Hunter was provided with a $5 million non-recourse loan for the Biden Family Business to form a partnership with the PPC; that loan was subsequently forgiven by Communist China for one dollar.

Hunter Biden was given $1.5 billion for the Biden Family Business, to strategically purchase interests in companies in the US Military Industrial Complex, whose technologies would enhance and improve Communist China’s defense industry. Hunter Biden was also instructed to try to take control of US companies involved in sourcing rare earth minerals in the United States. Hunter also received $3.5 Million from the wife of the Mayor of Moscow for some carefully hidden reason.

The Peoples Republic of Communist China has a military of two million men, including the world’s largest Navy. The United States does not have enough ships and munitions to defeat China’s Navy, absent the use of nuclear weapons. There is a famous book, Unrestricted Warfare, written in 1999 by two People’s Liberation Army colonels. It argues that war between the PRC and the U.S. is inevitable, and that when it occurs China must be prepared to use whatever means are necessary to achieve victory Refer to this.

If the American voters read the background information (in Trevor Loudon’s article) on Kamala Harris, they would never support her election as Vice President of the United States. Joe Biden is suffering from the early onset of dementia and will continue to decline in cerebral awareness; he will never be able to fill out a four-year term of office. Since Biden was elected, the Socialists, Marxists, and Communist who control Kamala Harris, are planning to enact provisions of the 25th Amendment, in order to remove Joe Biden from office, so Harris can become the first Communist President of the United States.

Since Biden was elected, because Biden would not be up to it, Kamala Harris would lead the effort to appoint very dangerous anti-American Leftist, Communist, Socialists, and Marxists to fill highly sensitive positions in the Washington Deep State Bureaucracy. She would fill all appointive positions in the US Intelligence Agencies, in the Department of Homeland Security, in the Department of Defense, in The Justice Department, the Department of State, the FBI, the CIA, most cabinet positions, the National Security Council, and in the White House Staff.

American voters must be alert their fellow Americans that Kamala Harris is a very serious National Security threat to the very survival of the US Constitutional Republic; she has been a fellow traveler of Marxists, Communists, Maoists, Socialists, Progressives, and Chinese Communists for over 35 years. President Trump had much more background information on Kamala Harris than we presented here, and he was correct, when he accused Kamala Harris of being a Communist subverter.

Geoffrey B. Higginbotham

Major General, USMC (Ret.)

“All Things Political”

“All Things Political”

“Whatever he has done I must undo!” In private the FRAUD who sits in the Oval Office has said that repeatedly. It is hardly a secret that he sees himself as the ANTI TRUMP and feels that all of what our forty fifth President achieved must be undone totally. It may tug at the heart of each and every Trump HATER but methinks it is hardly a path to success. Look no further than the southern border and you will see what Biden has created. It is an extraordinary mess. In an act of blatant stupidity, total foolishness this blithering idiot caused a humanitarian and safety crisis. He took apart a successful policy structure that took so much time to achieve as we all surely know. It was a Trump success so naturally this dimwitted buffoon said it had to go.

Everything has been turned around and going in a very wrong direction. This is truly so. During the campaign didn’t Trump warn us time and again about SLEEPY Joe?? With the splendid record our former president ran on there was no way he would not be re elected. If the election was fair that would be the case. A little thing happened on the way to a well deserved victory. MASSIVE FRAUD clearly took place. This must be said repeatedly over the objections of the PARTY OF HATE, the CORRUPT media and the TITANS of Silicone Valley. Unless we expose what happened last November the GOP will continue to be in the Congressional minority.

As the saying goes, ‘Elections have consequences’ and a very FRAUDULENT one can cut deep, to a country’s inner core. In less than three months time this ILLEGITIMATE president has achieved DISASTROUS results and it looks like there will be even more. For instance, in the Middle East Biden is looking to return to the failed policies of the Administration he was a part of. He’s determined to undo the Israeli/Arab alliance Trump helped to obtain. No doubt that this FRAUD in Chief is looking to erase all the good that was done by our former president. From it he cannot refrain. He is demented, unhinged and on a tear. We see him tearing up arrangements that have achieved their goals, their objectives. This is what this DUNCE is clearly doing. He and his PARTY OF HATE declare a WAR on Republicans, especially conservatives. It is so very troubling.

Everything is cratering for this DOLT. This is hardly surprising. His strings are being pulled and for him it is of little concern. Regarding the southern border his obsession was to totally break from Trump, to fix what is clearly not broken. From the outset that was a plan etched in stone. The trouble is this blithering idiot did not have a plan of his own. What has happened is we have become a SANCTUARY NATION. The invitation to come was accepted by thousands of illegals. This is truly Joe Biden’s mess. It is a problem of immense proportions and it will be difficult to achieve any bipartisan solution.

As we know Biden tapped his VP to work with Mexico and other countries to stem the tide at the southern border but she has been of little use. This is a vice president who cannot help spending most of her time laughing and cackling. She, as is the case with Biden, has a ‘screw or two loose’. My fellow patriots, these are times that are most trying. What is happening to our beloved America puts us on the verge of crying. As I have said earlier in this post Trump warned us about Biden and the harm he would do. It is far worse that one could ever have imagined. He is using a wrecking ball to demolish all of our cherished institutions. That is clearly taking place. Joe Biden is truly an embarrassment. He is a NATIONAL DISGRACE!!!

Here’s a big loser and liar, just like her father.

Representative Liz Cheney Now Attacking Republican House Members and Deriding Them for Being the Party of the Worker

Liz Cheney is the face of the Republican Party elites.  

After the 2020 Election, where the President of the United States, Donald Trump, had the greatest voter turnout in history for any Republican, any President and likely any candidate ever, Cheney became the face of the anti-American left.

Cheney proves that Republicans aren’t that smart or clever and make horrible politicians.  They often fall for the media lies, not seeing that the only reason Republicans are ever liked in the media is when they act like anti-American Democrats.   This is Liz Cheney today.

Cheney thinks she is the smart one but she is not.  

The Republican Party establishment has a long way to go before Americans will trust them.  The election was stolen and they did nothing, so those who voted in 2020 may likely not to vote in upcoming elections.  

Why would they if their votes are stolen by illegal votes and Democrat vote counters in locked rooms?

Cheney ripped Trump voters in a call this week.

Breitbart reports:

House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) slammed Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks’ (R-IN) memo Monday as Neo-Marxist.

Banks wrote a letter to House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in March, charging that House Republicans must embrace issues important to working-class voters if they wish to take back the House majority during the 2022 midterm elections.

“President Trump gave the Republican Party a political gift: we are now the party supported by most working-class voters,” the Hoosier Republican wrote in the memo. “The question is whether Republicans reject that gift or unwrap it and permanently become the Party of the Working Class.”

However, not all members of the House Republican Conference agree with Banks’ sentiment.

During a call with the Congressional Institute last week, Cheney rebuked the call for making the Republican Party the party of working-class voters.

“Cheney argued the GOP is not the party of class warfare and that dividing society into classes while attacking the private sector is neo-Marxist and wrong,” Politico’Melanie Zanona wrote.

Cheney is a disgrace. She pushed a lie to disparage President Trump.

She and her fellow anti-Americans in the Republican Party don’t represent their constituents who loved President Trump – because he did good things for America that he said he would do:

No one in the Republican Party backs Liz Cheney except Paul Ryan and a couple of others:

As long as the GOP has Cheney, McCarthy, and McConnell running it, it is going nowhere and for good reason

Donald Trump isn’t going away!

That was the loud, clear, and definitive message of last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando. President Trump’s first speech since leaving office was the only event of real importance, and it showed that he remains by far the most popular and most important figure in conservative, nationalist politics.

And that fact drives home an important reality: Whether he plans another presidential run or not, President Trump must shape the Republican Party in a positive direction. And that means wielding his massive popularity carefully.

Understandably, the chief target of President Trump’s speech was the brand-new Biden administration, and the unprecedented speed with which it is moving to put foreign countries and oligarchs first and the American people last.

But no less important was President Trump’s attack on the Republican leaders who turned against his presidency, and allied with Democrats who blamed him unjustly for the Capitol riot:

President Trump didn’t just ridicule his foes. He made it clear exactly what should happen to them going forward: They should be primaried out of office as soon as possible.

“The Republicans do not stick together. The RINOs that we’re surrounded with will destroy the Republican Party and the American worker and will destroy our country itself. The RINOs, Republican in name only. But the Republican Party is united. The only division is between a handful of Washington, DC, establishment, political hacks, and everybody else all over the country. … And that’s why I’m announcing that I will be actively working to elect strong, tough and smart Republican leaders.”null

The President’s pledge is far from an empty one. As he made clear during his speech, “President Trump’s endorsement is the most powerful asset in politics.” It’s true. Even after leaving office, Donald Trump is by far the most popular Republican within the party, and he has far more power than anyone else (certainly far more than any of his enemies) to shape the party in the way he sees fit.

But this has been a double-edged sword. The president’s endorsement is powerful, but he has given it away too freely, to those who do not share his transformative vision for America. That applies both to his endorsements for elected office, and those he personally hired to implement his America-first agenda as president.

Too often, Donald Trump has mistaken external displays of loyalty for actual commitment to his agenda. And too often, he has failed to name his enemies until they have already planted their knives in him.

Sunday’s speech was a major example. The president named the Republicans who sought to impeach him and bar him from a future presidential run. Many of these turncoats had previously benefited from Trump’s support. Ben Sasse secured a Trump endorsement in 2019. Even with endless reasons to distrust him, the president had even handed an endorsement to Mitt Romney in 2018.

But well beyond Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump, there have been far more Republican opportunists who praised him publicly while waging war on his agenda. And Donald Trump has been far too slow to call them out as well.

Mitch McConnell

Perhaps no elected Republican has better mastered the art of pandering to Trump while doing nothing for his agenda than Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

During his CPAC speech, Trump briefly seemed to be setting up an attack on McConnell, but instead he backed off, saying he had no regrets about endorsing him in 2020:


The president shouldn’t have pulled his punch. More than any other lawmaker, Mitch McConnell stood in the way of Donald Trump accomplishing more as presidentTrump was swept into power with the largest mandate for a Republican president in nearly a century. Republicans had 52 seats in the Senate and more than 240 in the House. With enough will, they could absolutely have implemented everything Trump ran on.

But that didn’t happen. McConnell did what Senate Republicans have done for decades now. He hid behind the Senate filibuster, which effectively requires 60 votes for any legislation to pass. The filibuster is fake and can be removed at any time. McConnell did exactly that in order to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, but he kept the filibuster around for normal legislation. Why? Because the filibuster doesn’t protect the minority. It protects the majority from votes it doesn’t actually want to take. And McConnell didn’t actually want to pass Trump’s 2016 agenda. He didn’t want a rapidly built border wall, with real teeth to deportations and mandatory E-Verify for employers.

McConnell’s blocking tactics continued all the way through the 2020 election. Last summer and fall, he blocked the passage of new coronavirus stimulus, particularly a second round of cash payments to ordinary Americans. Had those payments passed, President Trump almost certainly would have been reelected. Instead, Trump lost narrowly…not that McConnell was likely to mind.

McConnell deserves no credit for pushing through President Trump’s judicial nominees. McConnell would have done that for any president, because the nominees were the same people he’d have chosen. But any time Donald Trump’s political realignment called for McConnell to change, he preferred to evade and undermine.

Nevertheless, McConnell survived. He survived by praising the president publicly. Even now, he says he’d “absolutely” support Trump in 2024 if he wins the nomination. Does McConnell mean it? Obviously not at all. It’s a purely cynical ploy to stave off Trump’s anger and protect his own position. But so far, it has worked.

Trump shouldn’t be fooled by this. McConnell has always been a snake in the grass and should be honestly labeled as such. Republicans deserve a Senate leader for whom the America-first agenda is second-nature.null

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley never should have been a part of the Trump administration in the first place. The governor of South Carolina didn’t merely oppose Trump in 2016. That is standard politics, and forgivable. But Haley went several steps further and overtly compared President Trump to mass murderer Dylann Roof:While Haley said she doesn’t think Trump’s supporters are racists, she told The Associated Press that the rhetoric he uses is dangerous. She invoked the Charleston shooting, in which Dylann Storm Roof is accused of killing nine black parishioners at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church there.“I know what that rhetoric can do. I saw it happen,” Haley said. … Haley has repeatedly spoken out against Trump, including in February when she knocked the businessman for not forcefully disavowing support from white supremacists.

“I will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the KKK,” Haley said. “That is not a part of our party, that is not who we want as president. We will allow not allow that in our country.” [The Hill]

It should have been clear from that moment that Haley would never understand or support the America First movement. Any support would simply be cynical and opportunistic. And that is exactly what happened. The president appointed Haley as UN Ambassador. She immediately began pushing the administration in a hawkish direction, away from the president’s 2016 platform. Eventually, deciding she could advance her career more easily away from Trump, Haley resigned, but continued to promote the over-the-top interventionism favored by the D.C. defense-contractor class.

After the Capitol riot and Trump’s second impeachment, Haley clearly thought both Trump and his movement were finished, giving an interview to Politico where she tried to frame the president as completely finished politically.

“I don’t think he’s going to be in the picture,” she said, matter-of-factly. “I don’t think he can. He’s fallen so far.”

This was the most certainty I’d heard from any Republican in the aftermath of January 6. And Haley wasn’t done.

“We need to acknowledge he let us down,” she said. “He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.” [Politico]

But now, after the President’s CPAC showing demonstrated his continued political relevance, Haley backtracked yet again to emphasize her support for the president

Nobody should be fooled. Haley deserves to be called out now for her duplicitous two-faced rhetoric, rather than when she inevitably turns on the President’s supporters yet again.

Kevin McCarthy

This may seem an odd choice. McCarthy has often been described as one of the Trump’s closest allies in Congress, and he notably kept a single Republican from breaking ranks during the first attempt at impeachment.

But just like Haley, McCarthy has tried to play political opportunist, denouncing Trump when he seems to be dead and then desperately tacking back into the president’s good graces when he discovers otherwise. After the Capitol riot, McCarthy claimed the president “bears responsibility” for the event, and stood by Liz Cheney as a senior GOP leader when she endorsed a full-blown impeachment effort.

Only two weeks later, McCarthy was trying to “mend fences” with Trump, requesting an in-person meeting to get back in the now-former president’s good graces:

The meeting was requested by the California congressman, who is trying to tamp down intraparty tensions as Republicans set their course in the post-Trump era. Mr. McCarthy for months stuck by Mr. Trump and declined to call President Biden the winner of the election, but later criticized Mr. Trump over the Jan. 6 attack at the Capitol.

“They are making sure they say kumbaya,” said a Trump adviser familiar with the meeting at Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach. “I’m sure the president thought Kevin went too far. In fact, I’m certain he did. Kevin asked for the meeting to make sure he’s in good shape.” [WSJ]

This pattern will never end. McCarthy wants to hold together the Republican Party’s factions, with himself at the top of the heap. Whenever Trump’s realignment seems to be faltering, he will be ready to jump ship. Just like McConnell, there is no reason to grant him that freedom. President Trump should look for a new Republican house leader whose commitment to a Trumpian future for the GOP isn’t contingent on the latest news cycle.

James Mattis and John Bolton

President Trump has always had a soft spot for men in uniform, and it burned him during his White House tenure. James Mattis fundamentally disagreed with Trump’s goal of reducing America’s military adventurism abroad, and when he couldn’t convince the president to maintain or expand America’s commitment in Syria, he quit, leaving an angry resignation letter on the way out.

In Mattis’s case, the president was at least choosing a relatively unknown asset. Bolton, meanwhile, was the most predictable of Trump’s bad hires. Bolton labeled Trump’s 2016 campaign promises racist, saying they had “no place” in the party, and of course he was adamantly opposed to any foreign policy plans that didn’t involve fighting a half-dozen wars at once. But Trump, perhaps believing Bolton could be tamed, hired him as National Security Advisor anyway in 2018. A year later, Bolton was gone, and the year after that, he published a memoir trashing the president. Bolton’s entire tenure was a blunder that never needed to happen.

Obviously, Trump has ample attacked both Mattis and Bolton in the years since they left his administration. But it never would have come to that if the president had not brought people who didn’t agree with his program into his orbit in the first place.

Jared Kushner

Okay, obviously the president won’t ever disavow his son-in-law. But Jared’s perpetual presence as a member of the president’s inner circle is still the gold standard for flaws in the president’s hiring.  Instead of delivering on 2016 promises, and running entirely on that in 2020, Kushner tried to broker an immigration “compromise”, and abandoned law and order for criminal justice “reforms” that let dangerous criminals back on the streets.  Jared pushed for abandoning “law and order” for criminal justice “reform,” apparently thinking this would carry Trump to reelection on a tidal wave of minority support. Instead, President Trump’s minority support rose only marginally despite aggressive outreach (read: pandering) to the African-American community.

It was a devastating blunder for the President to sustain him in his position as long as he did.

It’s time for Donald Trump to go scorched earth. And that means using his endorsement power with the care that it deserves. True, Trump wants to be liked, and he wants to win. But there is no victory in elevating flatterers, traitors, and idiots who will betray what made Trump such a transformational president in the first place. The president must refuse to endorse candidates who are not fully aligned with the agenda for America he laid out in his CPAC speech: Not just low taxes, but a secure border with merit-based immigration, real law and order where communities are safe from antifa and rioters, a strong military that isn’t wasted on neverending petty wars, and an education system that teaches children to love America rather than hate it. There can be no half-measures, no promotion of careerists and grifters who want to exploit a political movement for their own ends.

For the next four years, there will be many enemies of Trumpism who will try to claim the president’s mantle rather than attack him. And there will be many more clueless supporters, who don’t understand the president’s realignment and will perpetually seek the comfort of the GOP’s old, losing ways. Donald Trump may no longer be president. But he can still play an integral role in making sure his revolution endures. And it will start by only endorsing people who support it.

He was known to them

Luke 24:35

He Was Known To Them. Dr. Dee Keith

Three days had passed since the crucifixion. Three days for every disciple to reflect and remember what Jesus of Nazareth had meant to them over the past three years. But now He was gone. With His death went their future. Much of the nation had really hoped that Jesus was the One called by the prophets “the hope of Israel” (Jer. 14:8, 17:13; Ac. 28:20). By the miracles He wrought and the powerful messages He preached in the synagogues, or as He traveled on one of their roads or through their fields and vineyards, or in the Temple in Jerusalem, Jesus was known to them. They knew Him by sight, by the works of His hands, in the mercy He showed to the merciless, in the tears He shed at the death of a friend, in the way He prayed over fish and bread. He was known to them. Unfortunately, He was known to most of the people in a public way because of what He had done for others but not in a personal way because of what He had done for them. So, three days after the crucifixion, most of the nation just swapped their best “Jesus of Nazareth” stories that they had seen. A few, however, reflected on what He meant to them and how He was known to them.

Six to eight miles west of Jerusalem lay the little village of Emmaus home to the two disciples who encountered the risen Lord on their return trip home. It was normally just a two hour or so walk for the men, but their hearts heavy over the events of the last several days and now the news of the empty tomb where Jesus was laid weighed on the disciple’s minds and made it feel longer. That is, until a stranger suddenly appeared from nowhere and inquired as to the reason for their sadness. Cleopas and his friend were incredulous that he didn’t know. They said unto him, “Art thou only a stranger in Jerusalem, and hast not known the things which are come to pass there in these days?” (18). The stranger, who was Jesus, replied, “What things?” Over the next little while, the men unloaded their troubled hearts. After listening to them for some time, Jesus began to gently rebuke them for their unbelief, saying, “O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken: Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into his glory?” (25-27). The disciples listened intently over the next several miles as the Stranger gave them a Bible lesson from Moses and the prophets. By this time, the day was spent, and they had drawn near to their village. Showing common courtesy, they asked the Stranger, whose identity was still unknown at this time, to come into their home for a meal and to rest. The Stranger accepted the invitation, “And he went in to tarry with them” (29). Once in the home, “as he sat at meat with them, he took bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gave to them. And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight” (30-31). It’s a precious story. It’s a tender story. Hearts that were troubled and perturbed were brought into perfect peace and tranquility.

Luke said of the two disciples “and they knew him.” So, how did Cleopas and his dear friend, know that was Jesus of Nazareth, “the hope of Israel”? Several things occurred to bring them to this understanding.

He was known to them when He opened their sight (31). Luke’s statement is so short, so emphatic, so graphic. He simply said, “And their eyes were opened.” Grief and despair had temporarily blinded them to the many evidences of His divinity they had witnessed. Sorrow had dulled their hearing to the truth that Jesus had instilled in their hearts. Their minds just couldn’t bring those promises to mind. What happened to these two disciples happens to many of God’s people. Grief and despair and sorrow are real. They are sinful in and of themselves, but they can be dangerous. They can make us spiritually blind and dull of heart. Isaiah rebuke his generation for this very sin (Isa. 6:9-10), and on multiple occasions the Lord rebuke Israel of these same sins, saying, “And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive: For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them” (Mt. 13:14-15; Lk. 8:10). As God’s dear children, we need our sight, the eyes of our understanding opened (Eph. 1:18).

“And they knew him” when He opened the Scripture and “expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself” (27). They didn’t have one page of written scripture to turn to for comfort and guidance as we do. They couldn’t look to the psalms and flip over to chapters 22, 23, and 24 where David discussed in detail the death, resurrection, and second coming of Messiah. They couldn’t turn to Isaiah 53 and read about the sufferings of God’s appointed Servant. The Scripture was not yet written as we have them. But we have the Word of God in full. And we have the Holy Spirit, who indwells us, to open the Scripture and comfort us in times of sorrow and guide us through the shadows of this world. Jesus comforted the disciples who were saddened by the announcement of His coming death, “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come” (Jn. 16:13). We need the Holy Spirit to open the Scripture to our minds. Year later, after Paul’s conversion and entering into the ministry, he would write to his young protégé, Timothy, “And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus” (2 Ti. 3:15).

When He sat down and supped with them, “they knew him.” From the moment that the Stranger appeared out of nowhere and struck up a conversation with them, the shroud of sadness that covered their hearts began to wane. The bleakness of the past days began to turn to brightness of the present. Still His true identity was unknown to them until they arrived at Emmaus and entered the home probably of Cleopas. Inside the house, the Master became their Guest, and He took charge of the evening meal. It was a simple meal of bread and a bowl of olive oil to dip it in. Picking up the bread, He blessed it and suddenly “he was known to them!” It was their Master. It was the “hope of Israel.” It was Jesus. And just as suddenly, He vanished.

Some years later, another young disciple would express his desire this way, “That I may know him” (Php. 3:10). We can’t know Him unless our sight is opened, and not until He reveals Himself to us through the pages of His word. We can’t know Him unless we fellowship with Him and let the Bread of Heaven become the bread of life to our souls. John would later write, “If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin” (1 Jn. 1:7).



On December 6th President Trump’s words shook the world.

For the first time in over 2000 years, Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of Israel.

Whether he knows it or not, President Trump fulfilled his part in a frightening biblical prophecy exactly as the scriptures predicted.

Only the top church leaders and Bible scholars know the real meaning behind this great and terrible moment, yet no one is saying a thing about it…

Until now!

This ancient biblical prophecy will be revealed and then you will see the signs and the undeniable proof of the word of God coming true…

You will understand how five other major recent events foretold by the prophets Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah and John the Apostle have already happened and why this too was inevitable.

But, before reading any further I must warn you:

What you are about to see is deeply disturbing…

Because it will link current events to ancient Biblical prophecies, step by step.

And you will realize why we are standing at the precipice of the darkest event in the history of mankind…

An event that may leave 290 million Americans dead[i] in its wake!

But take comfort for it is God’s will that you are here now. You will understand the terrible tribulation that is about to happen, so that you may have time to prepare.

I understand you might be feeling skeptical right now.

There have been countless false prophets and doomsayers claiming they know the Biblical revelations and spewing falseness and deceit…

When the truth has always been there in the holy book for all to see.

You just have to know where to look!

So, let me ask you one question:


Only those who read Ezekiel chapter 37

This is what the prophet wrote 2700 years ago:

“The hand of the Lord was on me […]and set me in the middle of a valley; it was full of bones. Then he said to me: “Son of man, these bones are the people of Israel, my people.”

“I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land. I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel.

Word by word, the prophecy made by Ezekiel came true. In 1947 the nation of Israel was born after the horror of the Holocaust symbolized by the valley of bones. Scattered for more than 2000 years, the Jewish people came from all over the world into this new state and made it an economic and military power.

This is the first prophecy that has come true!

Yet in spite of all they have achieved, in spite of all the wars they fought against impossible odds, Israel was not whole.

It needed Jerusalem to become its rightful capital again.

And that only happened with the support of President Trump.

This was President Trump’s role in Bible prophecy and another major event that happened exactly as predicted.

However, to the north of Israel, other terrible biblical prophecies have come true!


This is what the prophet Isaiah says:

Damascus will no longer be a city
but will become a heap of ruins.
(Isaiah 17)

And these are the words of Jeremiah.

Damascus has become feeble,
she has turned to flee
and panic has gripped her;
anguish and pain have seized her,

Surely, her young men will fall in the streets; (Jeremiah 49)

For 5000 years Damascus, the capital of Syria stood as one of the oldest and most prosperous cities in the world.

But the civil war that began in 2011 turned it into a ruin.

Not only do the prophets talk about the war but also the refugee crisis and the deaths of its men fighting for one side or the other.

The army of Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad has been fighting the rebels backed by the United States, Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and ISIS terrorists[ii]

In 2015, Bashar al Assad was on the brink of total defeat, yet exactly at that time, another biblical prophecy was fulfilled.

It is this stage of the prophecy that so alarmed the Pope and made the war in Syria become truly global….


The word of the Lord came to me: 2 “Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, 4 I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your army, Persia, Cush and Put will be with them, all with shields and helmets,6 also Gomer with all its troops, and Beth Togarmah. In the latter years, you will come into the land of those brought back from the sword and gathered from many people on the mountains of Israel.

One only has to look at a map of the world as it was known at the time of the prophet to understand.

To the north of the Caspian Sea, we find the people known as Magog inhabiting the land known as Rosh.

Over time, the ancient name of Rosh became current day Russia.

Twice, Ezekiel says that Magog will bring his armies from “the extreme north” (Ezekiel 38:15; Ezekiel 39:2) to the border of Israel. When you look north of Israel on any map of the Middle East, and guess what nation you’ll find? That’s right – Russia.

Non-other than President Ronald Regan, a devout Christian, said many times that he truly believed Russia to be Magog according to Ezekiel.

What about the word Gog? Bible scholars agree that the word Gog is not an actual name but a title. He is the ruler of the land of Magog like a king or a czar.

Ezekiel clearly says that Russia will come to the “Mountains of Israel” in the “latter years”.

This happened in September 2015 and never before[iii].

For the first time in history, the Russian army, navy and air force became involved in a war in the Middle East.

This is the 3rd major event mentioned in the Bible.

It’s frightening how accurate the prophecy is.

And Russia is not alone…


According to Ezekiel, Magog’s army has several allies: Persia, Put, Kush and Gomer and Togarma.

Iran has been known as Persia for much of its history, during the time of the prophets and beyond. It only changed its official name to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1935.

Right now, Iranian troops are on the ground in Syria fighting side by side with the Russians and the forces loyal to the regime of Bashar al Assad.

Put and Kush are the ancient names of Libya and Egypt.

Over the past 2 years, Russia and Iran have built alliances with other Middle Eastern Muslim nations. Egypt[iv] and Libya, both suffered civil wars and the new leadership is very friendly to the Russians.


The historian Flavius Josephus references Togarmah and Gomer as the people that lived on the territory of present-day Turkey. In fact, Turkish history books identify these tribes as living on their land at the time of the prophets.

It is just terrifying how accurate the prophecy is.

3 years ago, Turkey was a strong NATO ally but everything changed after the failed coup attempt in 2016.

Now, Turkey has become increasingly hostile to NATO and the United States.

It forced NATO to remove forces from its bases.

It’s buying weapons from Russia.[v]

It fully condemned the idea of Jerusalem becoming the capital of Israel…

And in fact, right now, the Turkish army is in Syria, fighting to defeat the enemies of the Syrian dictator.

The end times alliance prophesized in the first verses of Ezekiel chapter 38 has already been formed.[vi]

Never in the history of mankind has there been an alliance between Russia, Iran and Turkey…

This is the 4th major event the prophets wrote about!

The fact that we are seeing this right now is further proof that the end times are very near.

Now, one final prophecy needs to be fulfilled before the start of World War 3


We saw how Jeremiah predicted the destruction of Damascus in chapter 49

But there is one more thing he wrote about that has not happened yet:

And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall consume the palaces of Benhadad. (Jeremiah 49:27)

Benhaddad is not an actual person but a title. Just do a simple search online and you will discover that Benhaddad is the ruler of Aram-Damascus.

While it is clear that Bashar al Assad is the current ruler of Damascus, Aram is a region in Syria now known as Aleppo.[vii]

The city of Aleppo was just recently recaptured by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad with the help of Iran and Russia. This is shockingly accurate and the last event that happened exactly as foretold…

What happens next, however, is darker and will send shivers down the spine of every true Christian and patriot.

As you can imagine, Assad very rarely leaves the most secure place in Damascus, the Presidential Palace and Jeremiah says that soon it will be burning.

How does this happen? Look no further than the headlines of recent months and you see time and time again Israel calling for the assassination of the Syrian dictator.

Isaiah also writes about the end of Syria’s dictator.

The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim and royal power from Damascus;(Isaiah 17)

This is overwhelming prophetic evidence. We are months, maybe weeks away from this prophecy being fulfilled.

Already, the Israeli Air Force has bombed over and over again the territory or the Syrian regime.


Russia and its allies are fighting to keep Bashar al Assad in power and Israel wants him dead.

According to prophecy, the assassination of Assad will trigger a war between the Magog alliance and Israel. This is the spark that ignites World War 3.

Isaiah talks about the war in Northern Israel in Chapter 17, the same one announcing the destruction of Damascus and the death of Assad.

And in that day it shall come to pass, that the glory of Israel shall be made thin

It shall be as when the harvester gathers the grain,

But the harvest will be a heap of ruins

In the day of grief and desperate sorrow”.

Ezekiel chapter 38 states that 2/3 of Israel will be destroyed in this coming war and those left in the holy lands will face grief and pain and hardship.

So what happens to the United States?

Will we not help Israel in its darkest hour?

To answer this question, we must first find the United States in biblical prophecy.

Discover this on the next page by clicking here

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Unlike Russia, Iran, Turkey or Israel, the American continent was not discovered at the time of the prophecies.

However, John the Apostle in the Book of Revelation, and Jeremiah and Isaiah talk about another end times nation in their writings….

A nation called Mystery Babylon.

This name is deeply symbolic.

Ancient Babylon was a city made great by people who came from all parts of the ancient world. Just like immigrants helped make the United States the world’s only superpower.

And because the prophets didn’t know of the existence of the North American Continent at the time of the visions they called it “mystery” Babylon.

Some say Biblical Babylon, refers to ancient Iraq…

But if that is true, why do the prophets see it as nation surrounded by waters? “O thou that dwellest upon many waters, abundant in treasures” (Jeremiah 51:13).

“Where all who had ships on the sea became rich through her wealth!” (Revelations 18:17)

While Biblical Babylon has plentiful access to waters rich in resources, most of Iraq is a desert and has only a narrow stretch of coastline

Why do the prophets talk about pollution when in ancient Iraq there could not be such a thing?

“Thou hast destroyed thy land” (Isaiah 14:20)

“I have polluted mine inheritance, and given them into thine hand” (Isaiah 47:6)

Babylon “mounts up to heaven” (Jeremiah51.53) and “ascends above the heights of the clouds” (Isaiah 14:14)

These metaphors clearly reference a nation that has discovered flight.

It is obvious that Babylon or Mystery Babylon can’t be the ancient Iraq…

But the prophets have more to say about this end times nation:

Babylon is hailed as a “Queen among nations” and “The lady of kingdoms”. (Isaiah 47:5,7);

According to the prophets, Babylon “reigneth over the kings of the Earth”(Revelations 17:18).

It is “The praise of the entire earth” and an “astonishment among the nations” (Jeremiah 51:47)

It is a place of great riches.

“And the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. (Revelations. 18:3)”

In fact, the prophets say clearly that should something happen to the Babylon, all worldwide trade would stop: “The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her because no one buys their cargoes anymore” (Revelations 18.11).

It is the number one military power and it’s called the Hammer of the whole Earth (Jeremiah 51:30)

And becomes proud and arrogant and it does not consider its end.

“Therefore, hear now this, thou that art given to pleasures, that dwellest carelessly, that sayest in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me; “(Isaiah 17:7-8)

“How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow “(Revelations 18:7)

Does this sound like American Exceptionalism – the strong belief rooted inside our people that America is different from other nations, better than them in every possible way?

This is, again, very, very precise.

The last clue the prophets left us is incredibly accurate:

The scripture often refers to Babylon as a woman. According to the book of Revelations she sits atop water (17.1) has a “golden cup” (17.4) in her right hand and a crown of seven rays on her head. John the Apostle talks about:

(Revelations 17:18)“ And the woman which thou sawest in that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth” .

The United Nations, in theory “reigns” over all the “kings” of the Earth and is situated in New York… the great city where you can see the Statue of Liberty. The statue is the most well-known landmark in the US, and the symbol of Babylon the prophets are referring to in their clues…


The sculptor of the Statue of Liberty was Auguste Bertholdi, a mason belonging to the great Masonic Lodge in Paris.

Before beginning the statue of liberty project, Bertholdi was seeking a commission to construct a giant statue of the goddess Ishtar.

The Romans also adopted this fertility goddess but they changed the name to Libertas in Latin, (Liberty, in English). Libertas is the mythological equivalent of Ishtar.

Therefore, the Statue of Liberty is, in fact, a Statue of Ishtar the Babylonian the goddess of fertility, love and… sex.

According to the ancient Babylonian rituals, one could only be purified of sin after intercourse with a temple priest or priestess of Ishtar.

In return for this salvation a “gift offering” was needed.

Ishtar was the “patron-mother” of the temple priestesses and priests… She was the “mother” of what we would call today prostitution… This is why Ishtar was seen by early Christian as the “Whore of Babylon”… and that is why the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of America is called by the prophets as the Whore of Babylon.

Do you think it is just a coincidence that the US, the home of the greatest and most famous statue of Ishtar, provides 65% of pornographic movies and adult entrainment to the world?

Is it just another coincidence that this is the country where sexually liberation originated and spread to the rest of the world?

It’s not. It’s just like the scriptures foretold:

Revelations 18:3:” For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication

The U.S. today has the most powerful economy and military, controls worldwide commerce, is proud and arrogant, has the most developed air force and space program and it is the envy of the world.

It houses the “Whore of Babylon”, it reigns over the kings of the Earth and has become a land of moral depravity…

and unfortunately for every living American…

it is Mystery Babylon… and as you are about to see in one hour its fate will be sealed.


Jeremiah 50:3

“For out of the north there cometh up a nation against her, which shall make her land desolate”.

Isaiah 13:5

“They come from a far country, from the end of heaven, and the weapons of his indignation, to destroy the whole land”.

Remember which country the prophets said was from the “North”? The same country that Ezekiel said will lead a great alliance of nations to the boarders of Israel?

Now consider this: the Russian alliance knows it can’t defeat Israel as long as the United States is its closest ally.

If war happens, the United States must be the first target…

That is why the prophets foretell that at the start of this war Russia will unexpectedly use a very special weapon, “the weapon of indignation” against the whole territory of the US… a weapon like which the world has never seen…


This weapon will hit our entire country, and all our defenses will be in vain:

Though Babylon should mount up to heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength, yet the spoilers come unto her (Jeremiah 51:53)

This weapon paralyzes our military and leaves it almost defenseless:

How is the hammer of the whole earth cut asunder and broken? The mighty men of Babylon have forborn to fight: their might hath failed;” (Jeremiah 51:30).

The broad walls of Babylon shall be utterly broken, and her high gates shall be burned with fire, she hath given her hand: her foundations are fallen, her walls are thrown down:(Jeremiah 51:58);

“Because the spoiler is come upon her, even upon Babylon, and her mighty men are taken, every one of their bows is broken” (Jeremiah 51:56)

And after the attack, Babylon is left silent and in darkness:

“Sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness: for thou shalt no more be called, The lady of kingdoms” (Isaiah 47:5)

All three prophets tell of the fall of Babylon… the destruction of the United States of America as we know it…

This is not an event that happened to ancient Babylon in the past…

History has never recorded the fall of a state or a city in the way described by the prophets.

And just like all the other events accurately predicted by the Bible: the two World Wars, the rise and fall of communism and the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and so many others…


It paralyzes the military, making it unable to respond. It leaves Babylon in silence and darkness…

What weapon could silence an entire continent in one hour?

The world has never seen one… until a few years ago with the creation of the Electro Magnetic Pulse or EMP.

Over and over think tanks like the EMP Commission working for the Senate have warned how this is the greatest and perhaps only real vulnerability of the United States.

Yet no administration has done anything about it…

We are completely unprepared for what’s coming.

Every report says the same thing… this event can wipe out 90% of Americans and all it takes just one warhead to be detonated above the United States to take us back to medieval times.

The lasting effects will destroy society as we know it…

Exactly as the Scriptures predicted:


“Therefore, shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine;

Without hospitals or pharmacies being able to function, people won’t be able to take their necessary medication.

Without running water, heat and garbage disposal, diseases will break out.

As cars and trucks stop running, market shelves will become empty. Desperate people will become looters and there will be food riots…

There will be no police, no law, no healthcare, no help… it will all descend into chaos and confusion.

A complete collapse of everything we take for granted today.

As the prophet Jeremiah says:

“And it shall be, when thou hast made an end of reading this book, that thou shalt bind a stone to it, and cast it into the midst of Euphrates:

And thou shalt say, thus shall Babylon sink, and shall not rise from the evil that It will bring upon her”(Jeremiah 51: 63,64).


“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be” (Matthew 24:21).

And yet, the prophet shows that there is still hope.

According to Matthew all those who listen to these words, believe and take the right action will be saved:

But the one who endures to the end will be saved (Matthew 24: 24).

The message couldn’t be any clearer… the warnings are there so that only the ones who believe the words and warnings of our Lord and prepare will be saved.

My name is Alexander Cain

I am a theology professor working at one of the largest universities in Arkansas; I earned a doctor’s degree in Theology and Ancient History

And for the past 19 years I have studied the ancient scriptures…

Back in 2015 when I saw Russia arriving in Syria I knew things were getting serious…

And as I saw this prophecy come true I knew I had to do everything in my power to protect the ones I love survive the coming tribulations.

And the obvious place to look for answers is in what people did 200 years ago to survive and thrive without electricity…

How they kept food from spoiling, how they found and stored water, how they lit their homes and kept warm…

The knowledge, methods and skills of our ancestors will keep us alive after the EMP.

Right now, there are people that live in remote rural areas all over the world…

Without electricity… and to my surprise as somebody used to relying on conveniences, they have happy, comfortable lives.

They are proof that we can live in a post – EMP world, if we know how. They hold the answer to living without of electricity, but nobody really needed to know their secrets… until now.

I have discovered ways to keep food from spoiling without a fridge and the secret to storing heat-sensitive medicine…

And surprising places where you can find drinkable water, enough to sustain your family for months… even if you live in a barren region.

I learned how anyone (and this includes seniors and kids) can survive without electricity… the only condition is they need to know what to do when the power goes out and have preparations in place.

Sure, it wouldn’t be the luxurious life you are used to, but it does have its comforts and most importantly: your family, your loved ones and even your entire community can stay ALIVE.


I set to work on writing down everything I had learned. And when it was all done I realized everything I had learned added up to a comprehensive guide to surviving and thriving during the coming EMP generated dark ages.

Every word written in the knowledge that what’s coming is worse than Katrina, Sandy or any other natural disaster.

The Fall of Babylon America will be man-made and country wide…

And there will be no place to hide.

But faith, knowing what to do, and preparing for what’s coming are the only things that will get you through the fall of Babylon America…

That is why I have named my work “Alive After The Fall”.

Everything inside is specifically designed to get you through the immediate effects of the weapon of indignation…

This is like a “Noah’s Ark” packed with knowledge for the coming disaster…


It’s just a seemingly normal evening and you are home probably watching TV when suddenly all the lights and electronics go out.

Without any warning and without and explanation, the utilities are out: there are no more lights, there is no running water or gas for your oven.

Your phone doesn’t work. You look out the window and see that everywhere you look it’s the same: darkness and silence.

You knew this was coming… you know what has happened and you know you are ready because:

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Justice Roberts thinks Democrats are nuts

Are You Sitting Down? Justice Roberts Just Rained All Over Establishment’s Impeachment Parade

This impeachment circus is an even bigger sham than the first one, and that’s saying a lot because the first one was an absolute joke.

The most infuriating thing about this impeachment though, is how the GOP is either “meh” about it – exactly the same attitude they had during the 2020 election fiasco – or they’re gung-ho to impeach President Trump (like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, McConnel, Romney, and others).

Either way, it’s a slap in the face to 75+ million people, and these idiots just don’t care.

The GOP is so arrogant and elitist, that they couldn’t possibly care less what the lowly peasants think – even if it’s their own voters.

But now, it seems that the GOP and the DEMs efforts to impeach Trump may be derailed, and you won’t believe who’s driving the train…

It’s none other than Justice Roberts.

Check this out:

“Chief Justice John Roberts said he refuses to take part in overseeing the impeachment proceedings. And the Constitution makes no provision for a replacement. The Democrats have no clue what they are doing, they are just making things up as they go along. They’re nuts.”

Here’s the report from Yahoo News.

Clearly, Roberts wants no part of this political sham.



Here’s the kicker – now the left is suggesting that we don’t need Roberts – they say Kamala Harris can oversee the proceedings, instead of Roberts.


The Constitution clearly says that the “Cheif Justice” is the one who presides over presidential impeachment trials, period.

Why are the Dems always so eager to shred our Constitution…and why is the GOP sitting back and allowing it…any of it?

This entire thing is a complete and total joke and it’s only driving the country further and further apart.

Then and now. What has changed.

The current election indicates a division in our country, and we have been hearing that repeatedly through the media – television, and radio, and in print – that our country is greatly divided, our country is greatly divided. We can see how severe the division is because of the closeness of the vote and the inability to – to borrow the words of Peter – make our calling and election sure. If you’re looking for that, it’s 2 Peter 1:10.
But the current election, with all of the pundits, and all of the commentators, and all of the words that have been offered toward this particular event is not really properly understood. I haven’t heard anything that really properly grasps what’s going on. And I’m going to tell you what I think is going on from a biblical perspective, and from a Christian perspective, and I’m going to point out what I think is the real division.

This is the division that is so disturbing to Christians, and it’s not about economics, and it’s not about taxes, and it’s not about deficits, and it’s not about surpluses, and it’s not about prescription drugs, and it’s not about entitlements. And the division is really not about anything that is political or that is social. The fact of the matter is both candidates, in this time in American history, are in an environment where socialized economics, reallocation of wealth, big government, excessive taxation are firmly established and can only be slightly altered by either party – if at all.

And frankly, in those areas, it doesn’t matter who is president. There just isn’t that much difference. The division that disturbs us is not about any of that. The division that disturbs us is about the Bible; it’s about morality as defined by the scripture; it’s about Christianity and its place in American society. And to be honest, the current Democratic agenda is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-lesbian, pro- feminist, anti-Christian, and exclusive of biblical standards. Essentially, no true Christian can support that agenda.
It’s a new day in America. What we have is a division about the Bible, about morality, about biblical standards. And that is what is so disturbing to us.

When Bill Clinton was elected the first time, back in 1992, most Americans – 63 percent – didn’t want him as president. It was known, at that time, that he was an immoral man; it was later confirmed time and time again. But you could see, during the eight years of his presidency, his popularity growing and his rate of acceptance and satisfaction getting higher and higher. The people, more and more, began to approve of him.
In this election, there is a larger number than 37 percent, there’s a larger number of the non-moral, non-Christian population. And now, his partner for all those years, and one who holds essentially to his standards and his ethics and values and morality has 50 percent of the popular vote.

I’m convinced that by the next election, four years from now, another generation of young people will have entered into voting age, and they will carry the attitudes that are pervasive in the culture today, and what was a 37-percent vote 8 years ago, and is now a 50-percent vote, could well be a 60- percent vote for the non-Christian, non-biblical, non-moral position.
This was confirmed to me in one interview I heard, where a television commentator was interviewing Dick Morris, who was the White House secretary with the Clintons for a number of years before he was discredited by his own immorality. And he was asked by the commentator, when Hillary Clinton won the state of New York, if he could define her in one word. And he, without hesitation, answered, “Amoral.”
What we’re seeing in America is the death of morality. What we’re seeing in America is the death of biblical standards. What we’re seeing is the displacement of Christianity. Morality and biblical commitment are fading in our nation and fading before our very eyes. And Christians, frankly, I think, are disturbed not so much because we want George Bush to win, but because we want Al Gore to lose. And it isn’t personal. We really would prefer one last hurrah for what is moral, one last hurrah for what is right and righteous and biblical. We would like to believe that we can hold on for a place in our society for God’s Word. But it’s a losing battle. It’s a losing battle.

I want you to turn to Acts chapter 14 for a moment, and I just want to make a couple of comments about a text there. In Acts 14, we get a perspective that I think is important. The apostle Paul, along with Barnabas, in this case, and anybody else who does what Paul did describes himself as a preacher of the gospel.
Verse 15 of Acts 14, about a third way into the verse, he says, “We are also men of the same nature as you, and preach the gospel. We preach the gospel to you in order that you may turn from these vain things” – that is idols, false religion – “to the living God, who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in them.” Paul says, “We are preachers, and we preach about the one and only God, the true and living God, and we preach to you the good news of that true and living God, that sinners can be reconciled to Him.”
Then in verse 16 he says, “In the generations gone by, He permitted all the nations to go their own ways; and yet He did not leave Himself without witness.” And that’s the story of human society, folks: all the nations rise and fall; all the nations come and go. And in the midst of all of that, God always has His preachers who are preaching the gospel. He is never without witness, but the cycle is always the same.
Verse 16 says that in the generations gone by – you can look at all of human history – God permits all the nations to go their own way. There is no way to stop the cycle. Someone well said, “If men have learned anything from history, it is that men never learn anything from history.” And so, you have people today working feverishly to save America. To save America. And that’s very normal, and it pains us greatly to see the declining interest in the Bible, the massive effort to get the Bible out of the public discourse, to get the Bible removed as the standard for conduct and behavior and law.
But, folks, this is history, and history inexorably repeats itself. And the cynicism of the preacher in Ecclesiastes is justified when he said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” And he went on to say that history is an endless cycle of repetition. “That which has been is now; that which is to be has already been,” he said. And we are now in the cycle.

Men and nations follow the same path from glory to dust, from the heights to the depths, from great achievement to destruction. The beginnings are bright, and the beginnings are hopeful and filled with promise, but there’s always the slide and the drift, the spiritual entropy that takes over in a fallen world and catapults nations downward and downward into destruction. In fact, every baby born is a living illustration of the inevitable course of men and nations. Every baby is a single illustration, beginning in the loveliness of innocence and infancy; and moving through childhood and all of its bright, shining hope; and finally to adulthood and decline through maturity to the sad reality of death.

Our own nation is on that same path. America is caught in the doomsday cycle that has caught every nation and will until the Lord comes and establishes the glory of His own kingdom. We are a dying nation in a world of dying nations, and dying people. And for us, in America, it’s hard to swallow because we had a particularly bright infancy. It all began with such a primitive beauty; it all began with people coming here, to this great land, to seek out freedom – freedom to express their love to Christ in a community of people who were devoted to the Word of God.
It was in that context that we established our Constitution. It was in that context that we established our Bill of Rights. It was in that context that we designed our government with all of its wonderful freedoms. It was in that context that we established our churches and our schools and our legal system.
The Bible was held high, and the Bible was the source of all truth and authority for life, both private and public. And God was at the center of our activity, and His name is even on our coinage. Worshiping God was a way of life, and churches were the hub of communities. There were great preachers and wonderful schools for teaching Scripture, and they all had a central place in the life of this nation. There was a standard, and there was a norm, and there was an absolute, and it was the Word of God.
But that was the time of America’s infancy, and as maturity came, we began to drift into a degraded adulthood; it was evident. There were some voices that tried to call us back. The Edwards and Whitfield and Moody and others. There were preachers here and there, and churches here and there were crying out to try to stem the tide. But evil has prevailed, and we face the inevitable judgment of God.
And decline is measurable; it may take an election to show us how really measurable it is. We would have hoped for a triumph of morality, even if it was only a one percent triumph. Here we are, days after an election, and the country is so divided, we can’t even decide who the victor is. Immorality has taken us over. And if we do survive this election, hanging by a thread, in one last hurrah, it’s unlikely that we’ll make it through the next one.
Where do we go to understand this? Where do we go to understand this? Where do we go to understand this cycle and what it all means? Where do we go to get a definition of it? Well, amazingly, I think we go back.
In 1 Corinthians chapter 10, the apostle Paul said that the Old Testament was written to give us examples. To give us examples. And if you go back into history, and you see the history of the past nations unfolded in the Bible – and the Bible is the truest history ever recorded because it is inspired by the Holy Spirit – if you go back to the Bible and watch the rise and fall of nations in the Scripture, you see the fulfillment of Acts 14:16.
God indeed did permit the nations to go their own ways. And most notably of all nations, God even saw His own covenant people Israel go that same way. There was a people whose beginnings were glorious, whose beginnings were with the covenants and the promises of God and with the Law of God and the Word of God. And there was a people who were given prophets and priests. And there was a people given the Law of God in all its definitive manner. There was a people given everything by God to assure a glorious future. But they, too, followed the same cycle and ended up in tragic judgment.

America is not Israel. We do not have a covenant. We don’t have divine promises as a nation. The Law was not given to us originally. But though we are not a covenant people, we are not a Christian nation, we are not God’s chosen people as was the nation Israel, it is still true that we had amazingly privileged beginnings. We had a freedom here to take the Word of God and to build a nation on the Word of God, really, that is unique to the world.
Even England we think about as having such Christian influences in its beginnings. I’ve been reading an awful lot about that. I’m reading the biography of William Tyndale. While England called itself a Christian country in the fifteenth and sixteenth century, when William Tyndale endeavored to get the Bible translated into English, the church executed him because they knew that if the Scripture was ever in the language of the people, the people would read the truth in the Bible, and the entire religious system would come crashing down. And so while they would be called Christian, they didn’t have any of that pristine, pure devotion to the Word of God in their beginnings that we experienced in our nation. We have been a privileged people, and yet we have followed the cycle of all the other nations. And Israel provides for us a good pattern because of the parallel of privileges.
To see that pattern unfold, I want to take you back to the prophet Isaiah in chapter 5 of his great prophecy. Isaiah chapter 5. What I’m going to do this morning is take you through Isaiah 5, and tonight Isaiah 6, and I’m going to show you the picture of a nation in crisis this morning, and why we are subject to this judgment of God. And then tonight I’m going to show you the kind of person God is looking for.
We come to Isaiah chapter 5, and we come to a huge billboard, from the past, showing us what to expect, giving us a truest picture, a divine insight to understand what’s going on in our country, a model of glorious beginnings and disastrous endings, a model of apostasy, a model of decline, a model of starting with the glorious truth of God and ending up in the judgment of God.
And Isaiah begins this chapter with what we’ll call the parable. The parable, Isaiah 5. Now, Isaiah is prophesying to Judah, the southern kingdom, the judgment of God. The judgment of God is going to fall on Judah. And it did in the Babylonian captivity. The Babylonians eventually came and destroyed the land, destroyed the city of Jerusalem, destroyed the temple, massacred the people, and carried the remaining people who were still alive off into captivity in Babylon. This was the judgment of God, and this is what Isaiah is predicting here.

But the imagery is so graphic and so clear and so parallel to us, that it serves us very well. Let’s begin with the parable in chapter 5. “Let me sing now for my well-beloved a song of my beloved concerning His vineyard. My beloved had a vineyard on a fertile hill. And He dug it all around, removed its stones, and planted it with the choicest vine. And He built a tower in the middle of it and hewed out a wine vat in it; then He expected it to produce good grapes, but it produced only” – bu’ushim, sour berries, rightly translated by the NAS – “worthless ones.”
Now, this is a song. Verse 1 says, “Let me sing.” You can see that it is even written in the text of scripture in a poetic fashion. This is a song. It is a song from one person to another, from one to the well-beloved. And it is a plaintiff song; it is an exquisite elegy; it is a death song, a weeping song, a sad song, a dirge, a requiem. This is the saddest thing that could happen in the life of an individual in an agrarian society. He takes all of his life savings and makes the massive effort to put together a vineyard and does everything that is necessary to guarantee the success of that vineyard and ends up with worthless, sour berries, inedible. And literally, this is the story of personal bankruptcy. This is the story of personal disaster.

In that culture, as in any agrarian culture, one’s complete fortune is tied up into the land and the crops. And this is the ultimate disaster. When a man lost his crop, he lost everything; his family lost everything. Consequently, in ancient times, if you wanted to destroy your enemy, you burned his crop. Like Samson, who destroyed the crops of the Philistines by setting the tails of the foxes on fire and sending them through the fields, this is the ultimate disaster. If you destroyed a man’s crop, you destroyed the man’s life. On the contrary, when you wanted to guarantee your future, you saved and saved and saved, and you took your money, and you bought a piece of land, and you put grain in it if it was in the valley, or if it was on the hill, you terraced it and put a vineyard there, and you hoped for the success of that, because everything you had was in it.
And in the days of Isaiah, the stony hills of Judah were beautifully terraced for the vineyards. That’s true today. The grain is in the valleys, and the vines are on the hillsides. And this is one of those kinds of stories.
The citizens of Judah were very familiar with vineyards which produced very luscious grapes, and they knew how much toil, and how much love, and how much care, and how much investment had gone into making these vineyards productive, and how hard people worked to produce it, and how great was the hope for a rich return of such an effort and investment. Everybody would understand the horrible, horrible feeling and the devastating result of one who came out and found only small, sour, misshapen bu’ushim – inferior little berries, inedible and absolutely useless. Frustration, heartache, sorrow, poverty – that’s the sad song that starts this chapter.

In fact, in verse 3, the song is added to with a further explanation, “‘And now, 0 inhabitants of Jerusalem and men of Judah, judge between Me and My vineyard. What more was there to do for My vineyard that I haven’t done in it?’” The question comes – the rhetorical question comes from the vineyard owner, and His question is, “What could I have done that I didn’t do? I found the best fertile hill. I dug around it” – and that would have been a hedge or a moat, a protection in order that small animals wouldn’t come in and destroy the crop or small reptiles or insects – “I did what I could do to protect it. I removed the stones which were plentiful.”
In fact, the old rabbis used to say, “When God delivered the rocks to the earth, He made a mistake and dumped them all in Israel.” There are rocks everywhere in Israel. But He had to clean out all ofthose, get them out of the soil so that the roots could go down to the nutrients in the water there. And you took the soil, and you cleaned all the rocks out. And with those rocks that came out of the soil, you created the terraces which created the flat, level place for the vine to be planted. He did that; He removed all the stones.

He planted the choicest vine. He went and found the best bred stalk to put in the ground to guarantee the best result. He put a tower in the middle. They built a tower so that someone could sit on top of the tower and make sure there weren’t any larger animals that were encroaching, or there weren’t people coming in as an enemy to destroy the crop, or strangers passing by and eating the crop. They protected it; they also stored all their implements in that tower. They produced a wine vat, hewing it out of rock where they could stamp out the grapes and produce the wine. Everything that could have been done was done. He had every right to expect good grapes. And so, verse 4 says, “‘What more was there to do for My vineyard?’” The answer is nothing. Nothing.
“‘Why, when I expected it to produce good grapes did it produce worthless ones?” How did this happen? How did we get to this place? Was it something I did? No. Was there something wrong with the soil? No. There was something wrong in that vine. It may have been the choicest vine, it may have been the best available, but there was something in it that was wrong; that’s the implication here.
And in verse 5, sad, “‘So, now let Me tell you what I’m going to do to My vineyard: I’ll remove its hedge” – or its moat, or its protection – it’s dug out protection – “and it’ll be consumed.” All the animals and all the reptiles, all the insects – everything – all the strangers can come in, trample all over it. “I’ll break down its wall” – I don’t care about the terraces anymore; I don’t care about the border that surrounds it.
“‘I’ll lay it waste; I won’t prune it or hoe it. Briars and thorns will come up. I’ll charge the clouds to rain no rain on it.’” This is a curse. This is a curse on an unproductive vineyard. Everything that could have been done was done and the product was useless. The product was disappointing. The product brings judgment.

What’s this all about? Who is he talking about? Verse 7. Here is the definition of the vineyard. “The vineyard of the Lord of Hosts is the house of Israel” – also called – “the men of Judah; they are His pleasant” – or delightful – “plant.” He’s talking about Israel. He’s talking about Judah here.
He says, “I put Judah in the fertile hill. I put Judah in the fertile hill. I put Judah in Canaan land, the land that flows with” – what? – “milk and honey.” There isn’t any more fertile piece of land on the planet. “I put them there. I put them in there in that strategic place with the Mediterranean Sea and with three continents surrounding them so that they could produce the greatest of products, and it could be disseminated all over the world. I put them in the most magnificent, fertile piece of land there is. It couldn’t have been better. I put them in a land that has so much, that yields so much, a land of great wealth and promise.” In fact, the original land – as you know, the original covenant to Abraham, the land goes all the way to the east and covers all of the massive fields of oil that the whole world has depended upon that have made the Arab world so rich. He gave them an incredible place.
And He says, “They dug all around” – or put a hedge. What is that? That’s the ceremonial law. All of the structure of the ceremonial law, indicated in Exodus and defined in Leviticus, that made it difficult for the Jews to have easy social interchange with the Gentiles.

The Lord knew that He had to protect His people from the encroachment of idolaters and those who worshiped false gods, those who were immoral. He had to protect them, and so He created a life pattern of dietary laws, laws of clothing, Sabbath laws, festival laws, feast laws, all kinds of laws that had to do with how they dealt with animals, how they dealt with birds, and birds’ nests, and how they dealt with every area of life. There was this constant defined life that was so different than anybody around them, that it almost demanded their isolation. And that was to protect them from the encroachment of idolatry. And every time they began to mingle with idolaters – you remember God warned them and warned them and warned them and warned them.

He said, “I removed the stones.” What is that? It’s very likely that God cleaned out the Canaanites. God told them, “When you go into the land, destroy the Canaanites. If you don’t get the stones out of there, the nation can’t grow and become fertile and productive.” Then He says, “I planted the choicest vine.” Nobody’s going to argue that the Jewish people are a noble part of humanity. And they still are with us today, that same pure strain of Jewish people from the past, from the time of Isaiah. God has preserved the people of Israel. And even in the modern world, in the twentieth century, the Jewish people have made massive contribution for being so small in number – 10 to 15 million people throughout this century, and they have made a massive contribution to the world in science and the arts, in medicine – you name it. They’re a wonderful part of humanity, a choice vine.

“He built a tower in the middle of it” – no doubt refers to Jerusalem, the parapet, the high place from which the rule took place of the kings, and where the priests and the prophets watched for the protection of Israel.
And there is a wine vat. And perhaps we know a wine vat is where grapes are crushed, and the juice flows out, and it may be a reference to the sacrificial system. “I provided a sacrificial system where blood could be poured out to deal with your sins. I did everything I could do. I gave you the best land, and I gave you the best way to be protected from the encroachment or your pagan neighbors. And I even took nations and judged them and destroyed them to protect you. And I gave you Jerusalem with the prophets and the priests as the watchmen on the tower protecting you. And I gave you a sacrificial system to deal with your sins. And I expect good grapes, and I got sour berries. Could I have done anything else? No. And so, I’m going to judge you” – verses 5 and 6. “I’m not going to protect you anymore; you’re going to be consumed. Your wall is going to be destroyed, and your ground is going to be trampled over, laid waste” – and so forth.

Specifically, at the end of the verse 7, there’s a play on words that defines what Israel had done. He said, “I expected – I looked for justice. I expected honesty.” That’s what that word means. “I expected honesty and integrity and what was right. Instead, I got bloodshed. “Oppression” is another term here. “I expected you to do what was right, but you oppressed people. And I looked for righteousness, and all I heard was the cry of people who were being abused, misused, and oppressed.” They were taking money from people they didn’t deserve. They were oppressing the poor, and the widow, and the orphan. They were not carrying out justice. They were not punishing the criminals.
It’s a play on words in the Hebrew, by the way. “He looked for mishpath, but behold, mispach. He looked for tsedeqah, but behold, tze’eqah.” This is sad because God says, “I’m going to judge you. I gave you everything to produce justice and righteousness, honesty and goodness, and I got the opposite.” And that’s a sad song. And it’s the same sad song in America. As I said, we’re not the covenant people. We don’t have the promise of God’s covenant. And if God’s own covenant people could not avoid His judgment, why would we think we will? God did everything for them, and, frankly, did everything for us. He couldn’t have done any more than He did. But judgment is going to come.

He gave to Israel the Law of the prophets, the covenants, the promises, and He gave that all to us. Same pattern. Israel, on whom God lavished so much love and so much labor and so much blessing, and now there’s nothing left, just tear it down, let it be trampled and destroyed until the purging is complete.
At the time, by the way, a man named Uzziah was king. Been king for – well, his total reign was 52 years. And there was great prosperity in Israel. Economically, great prosperity. Strength in the Cold War. They had literally kept their enemies from attacking them because they had such military strength. They had a strong Cold War position, and they had tremendous prosperity. And that superficiality of prosperity and power in the world brought a false sense of security. Underneath they were rotten and on the brink of judgment.
So, we go from the parable to the penetration. Look at verse 8. From the general assessment, to a more particular look at the cancer that was eating the life of the nation. On the surface, Uzziah was a good king – strong, capable. And God had helped him in war so that, as I said, they had kept their enemies at bay.
The defenses of Judah and Jerusalem were strong. They had a large and well-disciplined army furnished with the best weapons, according to 2 Chronicles chapter 26. But underneath, there was this wretched iniquity, and the sour berries of Sodom were abundant in the Lord’s vineyard.
God could see what men couldn’t see, and He saw the truth. And He tells Isaiah, in a series of woes that I’ll call the penetration, as God goes behind the parable and penetrates the specific sins – look at verse 8, “Woe”; verse 11, “Woe”‘ and verse 18, “Woe”; verse 20, “Woe”; verse 21, “Woe”; verse 22, “Woe.” You have six woes.
“Woe” means cursed, damned, sentenced to judgment. This is a final word of execution. It’s never God’s way to denounce evil in general and stop. God wants to go behind the general denunciation to the specific sin and say, “This is the sin.” That’s what He does here. Six specific sins are indicated here.
The first one is in verse 8, “Woe to those who add house to house and join field to field until there is no more room so that you have to live alone in the midst of the land!” Let’s call this grasping materialism. Grasping materialism. Avarice. Greed. The sin that corrupted Judas was true of Israel. Insatiable greed of landowners, accumulating land and more land, and fields and more fields, and houses and more houses. Wealthy men ruthlessly acquiring all the property, squeezing out the poor and the helpless and making them buy things at an inflated price. That’s what drives inflation. Did you know that? It’s materialism that drives inflation.

And you remember – don’t you? – that every seventh year they were supposed to let the land rest? And every fiftieth year, everything that they had acquired went back to its original owner. That was called the Year of Jubilee. And that started the economy all over again and prevented continual amassing and passing on and squeezing out everybody. And so, every fiftieth year, everything went back to the original owner. If you knew that, you wouldn’t pay too much for something if you had to give it back in a few years. God had designed that. But sad to say, they violated those Sabbath years. They continued that grasping materialism. They didn’t let the land rest. They didn’t free the servants. They didn’t give back the property, and God sent them into captivity for 70 years, and they were a year in captivity for every one of those years they violated. Grasping materialism.
But what’s going to happen, verse 9, “In my ears the Lord of Hosts has sworn, ‘Surely, many houses shall become desolate’” – these great and fine houses, these great massive estates that you’re building are going to be empty, because what’s going to happen is the Babylonians are coming in here, and they’re going to destroy, and they’re going to kill, and then they’re going to take captive everybody who remains, and these houses are going to be empty. And not only that, those wonderful fields that you’ve been adding are going to be nonproductive. “‘Ten acres of vineyard will yield only one bath of wine’” – that’s four gallons; you’re going to have ten acres producing four gallons – “‘and a homer of seed’” – that’s 48 gallons of seed – “‘would only yield a crop of grain of an ephah’” – 4.8 gallons. That is a nonproductive production. You’re going to go into the vineyards; you’re going to get a tiny, little famine condition kind of product. The same is going to happen in the fields. The fields are going to be untended, uncared for, and unproductive. God is going to take you out because you stockpiled wealth. And it’s all going to be deserted.
Certainly in our own country, we can see a parallel with grasping materialism. That’s what’s driving this economy. And people today seem to be more concerned about how much money they have than truth and morality, don’t they?

I read an article one time that said America is like an unloved child with an ice cream cone: fat, full of pimples, and screaming for more. Materialistic, grasping, greedy, indulgent, possessive, and there’s some quote-unquote Christians who join in this materialism by preaching the false prosperity gospel that Jesus wants you rich, and they’re getting rich in the process. We are worshiping the golden calf, and churches, like Aaron, are aiding and abetting it. We’re not called to stockpile; we are called to share and to give. We can enjoy the riches of what God gives us as long as we have an open hand and an open heart to those in need and to give to God Himself.

The second sin is drunken pleasure-seeking. This was true in Israel. Look at verse 11, “Woe to those who rise early in the morning that they may pursue strong drink.” Characteristic of an alcoholic. They start drinking when? In the morning. People who are consumed with drinking. “And they stay up late in the evening that wine may inflame them!” And it’s just – it’s not just drunkenness; it’s the pleasure- seeking. Their banquets” – their “parties” is the word; drunken pleasure-seeking is the combination of drinking and partying – “accompanied by lyre and harp, and tambourine and flute, and wine” – this is the good-time Charlies; this is the nightclub; this is the dance club; this is the singles’ bars, etcetera, etcetera; it’s just the party crowd. And verse 12 says, “They do not pay attention to the deeds of the Lord.” They don’t have any interest in the things of God. “They don’t even consider the work of His hands.” That’s a phrase used in Amos 6 to refer to the physical body. The body is the creation of God, and they don’t even think about the body; they dissipate. It’s a funny culture. On the one hand, our culture in America preoccupied with the body, preoccupied with looks, preoccupied with the cosmetics and cosmetic surgeries, and the body beautiful, and gyms, and workouts, and all of that. At the same time, plunging that same generation into a life of dissipation that attacks the very body they’re trying to preserve. Drunken pleasure-seeking.

And He says in verse 13, “My people go into exile for their lack of knowledge” – this mindless merrymaking – “the honorable men are truly famished, the multitude is parched with thirst.” Here they are, and they’re running at the party as fast as they can run, and they’re filling it up as fast as they can fill it up, and when they’re done, they’re hungry and thirsty; they have nothing.
Verse 14 says, “The grave has enlarged its throat, opened its mouth without measure; and death swallows the mindless merrymakers. And Jerusalem’s splendor, her multitude, her din of revelry” – that’s the party again – “and the jubilant within her descend into it.” The party goes right into hell. “And the common man will be humbled, and the man of importance abased.” It doesn’t matter whether you’re a nobody or a somebody, they all go down together. “The eyes of the proud will be abased. But the Lord of Hosts will be exalted in judgment, and the holy God will show Himself holy n righteousness.” You can’t live like that against the Law of God, against the truth of God, against the Word of God, and expect God to prosper the nation. He didn’t do it in Israel, and He won’t do it in America.

And He tells him in verse 17, “Your pastures you have spent so much money and time acquiring will be a place for the lambs to graze, and strangers will eat in the waste places of the wealthy. All those empty houses are going to be occupied by the strangers.” And this actually took place. Arabs moved in after Israel was taken into Babylon and occupied the land and the houses.
There’s a third sin here that’s shocking: defiant sinfulness. Grasping materialism characterized Israel, drunken pleasure-seeking characterized Israel, and defiant sinfulness. Now remember, on the surface everything looked fine. And there was prosperity, but underneath, this was what’s going on: defiant sinfulness. This is so graphic.

Look at verse 18, “Woe” – that’s another curse, of course – “Damnation to those” – this is a category of sinners – “who drag iniquity with the cords of falsehood, and sin as if with cart ropes.” Let me give you the imagery. So much sin, so much iniquity they can’t carry it. So, they have to get a wagon to put it in and pull it around like an ox. And the cords that they pull with are the cords of deception or the cords of falsehood. They are liars dragging around a wagonload of iniquity like a brute beast, filled with sin.

And again, you look at our country, and you look at the sin, and it’s just absolutely staggering – people’s lives so full of sin they can’t carry it themselves; they have to put it in a wagon and hitch themselves up to it and drag it around. It is promoted in every avenue of media; it is promoted in every realm of education, this massive burden of iniquity.
But it’s not just sin; it’s defiant. Verse 19, one of the most powerful statements in the chapter. And what do they say? They say, “Let Him” – being God – “make speed, let Him hasten His work, that we may see it; and let the purpose of the Holy One of Israel draw near and come to pass, that we may know it!” This is mockery. This is sarcasm. This is saying, “Well, let’s see God do something about it if He doesn’t like it. Let’s see God act. Let’s see God hurry up. Let’s see His purposes unfold. Let’s see it come to pass that we may know it.” And they are mocking God with sarcasm. This is a defiant sinfulness: open, flagrant, mocking, cursing God, blatant.
There have been some articles written about me recently, in the paper, in which God is mocked, and it causes me to just shudder when I read people mocking God, taunting God, “If you don’t like it, do something about it. Let’s see you stop it.” That’s the kind of sin: flagrant, blatant, mocking God. This is a form – a serious form of taking God’s name in vain, taunting God defiantly.

I always think about Ernest Hemingway. I remember reading about him. He said that he had proven there was no God because he had tumbled women anytime he wanted. He had fought in revolutions, and he had lived his life exactly the way he wanted to live it, and nobody had told him that he had to live by some restrained Victorian law or code. And he had defied God all the way along. Fine. That all ended one day when he put a shotgun in his mouth and blew the back of his head off. “Be not deceived,” the Bible says, “God is not” – what? – “mocked.” Whatever you sow, you reap.”
And then there was Sinclair Lewis, who was the toast of the literary world when he wrote Elmer Gantry. Elmer Gantry was an assault on Christianity. It had a preacher as the main character, who was a drunken sot who was engaged with prostitutes and who was taking money from people under the guise of preaching the gospel. And this was hailed as a great work, and it was ultimately made into a very famous movie. And Sinclair Lewis was toasted around the literary world for his brilliance as a writer. And very few people know how he died. He died as a drooling alcoholic in a third-rate clinic, somewhere outside Rome, in absolute obscurity. This is characteristic of our world. It’s a kind of sin that laughs at God, and mocks God, and curses God, and defies God.
The fourth in these penetrations is to see the sin of moral perversion. Look at verse 20, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” This is that sin for overturning everything. And we’re living in that society. Fornication is good; restraint is bad. Homosexuality is good; lesbianism is good. Divorce is good. The reversal of everything. It doesn’t even matter that you tell the truth anymore. Lying is better if it achieves your goal. Loving God is bad because it’s politically incorrect. Believing in Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation is bad because it’s unloving and narrow. Subversion of everything. Twisting and perverting of everything; lifting up the wrong standards; exalting adultery; manipulating the truth or even setting it aside for the sake of lies; fornication, homosexuality, lust; mocking faithfulness, mocking purity, mocking marriage; moral disintegration; dirty movies, dirty books, dirty television; twisting, perverting, trying to establish a whole new morality.
The fifth sin is arrogant conceit. Verse 21, “Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight!” Are you sick of opinions? Boy, I get sick of opinions. I remember having lunch in my office upstairs one day with the owner of the Los Angeles times, who also owns a number of other newspapers across America – very prominent newspapers, and owns a number of network affiliate television stations. And curiously, he had been coming to the church to hear me preach. And he wanted to meet with me, and so we sat at the table, and we were having lunch up there.

And he said to me, “You know, John” – he said – “you have a lot of influence.” And he said, “I want to ask you a question. Why don’t you give your opinion on the issues that face our society?”
And I said to him – I said, “I appreciate asking that, but do you really want another opinion? Do you need another one in your newspaper?” And he kind of smiled. I said, “Really, I don’t ever want to offer my opinion. That’s not my calling. My calling is not to give an opinion, but to tell people what God has said. That’s what I do. Now, if you have any space for a column like that, let me know.” That was the last time I heard from him.

Well, we rejected the Bible, and what have we got left? Polls. Surveys. Everybody is clever in their own sight, wise in their own eyes, giving their own opinion. We’re left to that, aren’t we? The only right or wrong we understand is whatever the poll tells us. So it was in Israel. Can you imagine, after all that Israel had, this is where they ended up? Well, this is where we ended up after all we had.
And arrogant conceit marks us. We sit around with a smirk of self-congratulation as conceited fools who don’t know how stupid we are, and then we have the polls that give us the sum of collective fools.
Finally, number six, a corrupt leadership. Corrupt leadership. Don’t you wish we could trust leaders? Well, it was that way in Israel. Verse 22, “Woe to those who are heroes” – the word “heroes” in the Hebrew means leader – “the leaders were drinking wine, and the valiant men” – a different Hebrew word for leaders – “were mixing strong drink.” They were drunk. And in addition, verse 23, “They were justifying wicked people for a bribe” – in other words, they could be bought – “and they’d take away the rights of the ones who were in the right!” They abused people. There was no equity; there was no true justice. People were buying offices, buying positions, taking bribes. And they weren’t even in control of themselves because they were drunk. Perverse leaders. Drunkenness, bribery, corruption, perverting of justice. And these were the leaders.

That leads us to the third point: the punishment. And this is just a brief, clear point. The punishment, verse 24, “Therefore” – and you can know a transition is coming because “therefore” makes that transition. Therefore, it’s going to be – and I’ll just give you the – kind of the broad sweep here – “like a tongue of fire consumes stubble and like dry grass collapses into a flame, like a rotted root disintegrates or a dead blossom blows away like dust” – that’s what’s going to happen. This nation is finished.
Isaiah says, speaking for God, “It’s the end. It’s the end.” And here’s the problem, end of verse 24 – mark it, folks, underline it, circle it; it will always be this way – “for they have rejected the Law of the Lord of Hosts and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.” That’s the problem. That is what brings it all about. You reject the word of the Lord of Hosts – the Law of the Lord of Hosts, and the word of the Holy One of Israel, and God’s judgment will fall. And you may be shocked at how fast it comes. Because on the surface, everything looks like it’s okay, as it did in Israel.
And verse 25 says, “On this account” – that is on the account of having rejected the Law of the Lord of Hosts and despising the word of the Holy One of Israel – and, folks, look; it’s greater for the nation which has that than it is for the one who doesn’t. There are some nations in the world that never did have the Law of the Lord and the word of the Holy One of Israel. We did. We have. “And on this account” – of rejecting it – “the anger of the Lord has burned against His people” – and if it burned against His covenant people, with whom He had made eternal promises, you can imagine how it burns against a nation that has no such covenant. “And He has stretched out His hand against them and struck them down. And the mountains quaked, and their corpses lay like refuse in the middle of the street.” And he’s looking ahead at what the Babylonian hordes are going to do when they arrive. “For all His anger is not spent, but His hand is still stretched out.” And it not only went through the slaughter, but it ended in the captivity of 70 years.

How’s He going to do this? It’s going to be a hostile army led by God, the Babylonians. “He’s going to lift up a standard to the distant nation” – the Lord’s going to be the general. The Lord’s going to lead the Babylonians. That bitter and hasty nation, as Habakkuk called them, that Chaldean nation, that pagan nation is going to be the judge of Israel, God’s people. Amazing.
And God’s going to whistle. “And send out a whistle to call that army, and it’s going to come with speed swiftly.” And the language has the image of speed and unimpeded motion. “No one in it is going to be weary or stumble. Nobody’s going to slumber or sleep.” The army’s not going to have to rest; they’re not going to get tired. They’re just going to come rapidly. “The belt at the waist is not undone.” When a soldier is finished with his day, he takes his belt off, because attached to his belt is the apparatus with which he fights; and he unlooses his belt, and his garment falls, and he’s at rest. But they’re never going to take the belt off.
“No sandal strap will ever break. The arrows will all be sharp; the bows will all be bent; the hoofs of the horses are going to be like flint” – that’s like shining metal – “the chariot wheels like a whirlwind. It’s going to roar like a lioness, like a young lion; growls when it seizes the prey and carries it off with no one to deliver it.” So much power and so much force it can’t be restrained. “It’ll grow over it in that day like the roaring of the sea. If one looks to the land, behold, there is darkness and distress; even the light is darkened by its clouds.” The smoke that goes up from the holocaust is going to blacken the clouds in the desolate land of Israel. That’s the judgment. And that comes on a people who are a vineyard, planted with blessing that produces sour berries.

As we close, go back to verse 24. Superficial prosperity, but rotten roots, dead blossoms. Why? Grasping materialism, drunken pleasure-seeking, defiant sinfulness, moral perversion, arrogant conceit, and corrupt leadership were all indicators that they have rejected the Law of the Lord of Hosts and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.
And, folks, back to where I started, that is what is so painful about what we’re seeing in American today. We are holding on in the hopes that there is still a majority of people who believe in a biblical morality and a place for the Christian faith, but it’s hanging by a thread. And it’s in decline. I don’t know how it’s all going to turn out this election, but I know precisely where it’s going, because the judgment of God has already begun.
Our Father, as we look at the Word, we are again amazed at its relevance, at its impact. It gives us the clearest understanding of what we’re seeing today. And we watch the politicians, and we listen to the commentators and the lawyers, and we are struck by how little they understand what’s going on.

This nation is in the throes of its death. We’ve come through the brightness of our infancy, and now we’re in the death struggle. We’re going down, and it’s not political and economic; and it’s not partisan; it’s the rise of sin – defiant sin and the disregard for Your Word that is taking us down. We see that, and we know that You are honored and glorified even in Your judgment.

But we pray that at a crucial time like this, critical time, we might understand our responsibility and be used by You as was the prophet Isaiah, to bring about salvation even in this great time of crisis. We look forward to what You will say to us again tonight, in Your Son’s name, amen.

There Is A God In Israel

Bible Study

Dr. Dee Keith

1 Samuel 17:46

Everything was not well in Israel. Once again, the nation was at war with the hated Philistines. But this engagement was at a standstill with no end in sight. Forty days Saul and his army had been taunted by the sight of Goliath, the champion of the Philistines. The size of Goliath and his insults had paralyzed the army of Israel including King Saul. But, alas, their king had proved to be a disappointment to those that had cried out for a king to reign over them so they could be like the nations about them. The man that Israel had pinned their national hope on to lead them, to protect and defend them, to bring unity within the nation, and to set a moral and spiritual standard to the people was as terrified and weakened as any soldier in Israel’s army at the sight of Israel’s great enemy. King Saul was, in truth, a major disappointment. The Scripture describes him not as a man of faith who was grounded in and guided by the word of God, but a man given to and controlled by the flesh and a man overcome by fear. The prophet Samuel would record this incident years later and write, “When Saul and all Israel heard those words of the Philistine, they were dismayed, and greatly afraid” (1 Sa. 17:11). 

The moral and spiritual climate among the Israelites was low. The moral degeneracy was contingent upon the spiritual decline that began well before the installation of Saul and celebration of Saul as Israel’s first king. Saul’s coronation, however, ushered in a period of hope that things would change for the better, and for a brief period it did. But a reign that began with excitement, hope, and great anticipation was tempered by his extreme willfulness, subsequent disobedience to the word of the Lord, his rejection by the Lord, the removal of divine blessings on Saul, and his downward spiral into periods of great sorrow and depression. Had King Saul been obedient and faithful in his walk and worship to the Lord, he would have led the Israelite army forth against the Philistines with confidence and courage knowing that “If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Ro. 8:31). Instead, he stands in the valley of Elah paralyzed with dismay and fear unable to mobilize his men and lead them to victory.

In the midst of this sad scenario comes a bright light, a new hope, in the presence of a young lad from Bethlehem-Judah and unknown the king and to nearly all of Judah. He was sent by his father and tasked by him to attend to his brothers and bring news of the warfront to him. David arrived at the time when Goliath appeared in the valley of Elah and began yelling his obscenities toward King Saul and the Israelite army and blaspheming the God of Israel. He witnessed the cowardice of the king and the paralyzing fear in the soldiers. When none would answer the challenge of the giant, David requested permission from Saul to go forth and join in battle against Goliath. He received it. Seeing the young lad come out against the champion of the Philistines, Goliath disdained him and cursed him in the name of his gods. David replied to the Philistine, “Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied. This day will the Lord deliver thee into mine hand; and I will smite thee, and take thine head from thee; and I will give the carcases of the host of the Philistines this day unto the fowls of the air, and to the wild beasts of the earth; that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel” (v. 45-46). Before David hurled his stone that killed the giant, the victory was assured. What lessons can we learn?

Two men in Scripture indisputably stated to sworn enemies of Israel, “There is a God.” Both of these were young men. David, of course, as he spoke to Goliath, and Daniel who said to Nebuchadnezzar, “there is a God in heaven” (Da. 2:28). David and Daniel understood even at their young age that there is a God who know our situations. The situation of these two young men was dire. From the human standpoint, David was asking to die by going out against a giant who approached nine foot tall. After all, if King Saul who had proved his mettle in previous battle was reluctant to fight Goliath, then David must be a fool. But God knows our situations that seem impossible. He knew the deadness of Sarah’s womb, but overcame it so she could birth Isaac in old age. He knew Daniel and his friends being pressured to compromise their commitments and convictions but brought them in favor with the chief of the eunuchs. God knows our situations and has a plan to bring us through them.

There is a God in Israel and heaven that knows our struggles. The national struggle and conflict of Israel with the Philistines mirrors in many ways the emotional, physical, personal struggles that each of battle with continually. Saul and his men were battling their emotions, the emotion of fear at this moment. Goliath hadn’t defeated them; the giant of fear had. Whether it is fear or another emotion, the giants of depression, anger, the giants associated with our self-life seek to enslave us.

But the God of Israel is our God, and He can deliver us from them if we look unto Him who is the author and finisher of our faith. This was the experience of Paul at some point earlier in his Christian experience. His discovery led him to write in Romans, “O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?”. As Israel owed their deliverance from the Philistines through David, so Paul and we are victorious over this body of flesh through Jesus Christ. Paul went on to say, “I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin” (Ro. 7:24-25). Let us remember what the Lord Jesus said to the disciples on the eve of his crucifixion, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (Jn. 16:33).King Saul’s problem, and that of his army, is illustrated in the text as they stand in dismay and terrified at the sight of Goliath. The problem was that they saw a giant before them and not God who was with them. As a result, they were lethargic, exhausted, without confidence and strength.

Known to the king was the promises the Lord had made that He would be with them. To Joshua God had said, “There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Be strong and of a good courage” (Jos. 1:5-6). Israel only needed to believe this promise and obey it to know. Yet King Saul, the leader of Israel, is overcome with dismay and great fear. A leader who can’t lead because he has no fortitude or faith in him. But there is a God in Israel and heaven that knows our strength. He knows we are dust. He knows our frailties. A little faith (Mt. 6:30) and a little strength (Rv. 3:8) is all God needs from us. It is not our faith and strength that brings victory, but His faith and strength, His grace working in us. “My grace is sufficient for thee,” said Paul, “for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me” (2 Co. 12:9). Let us remember that there is a God in heaven that knows everything and has promised that through Christ, we can do all things which strengthens us (Php. 4:13).

The Truth

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