The spiritual battle we’re in starts with the mind. It’s command central. We are the air traffic controllers of our minds. Just as an air traffic controller decides what plane flies where at what altitude, we decide what thoughts will come into our minds.

The way we’re thinking will determine the way we’ll be living. We have to start with the thoughts that come into our minds and be very careful about what we let in.

In other words, we can’t stop whatever random, evil, or strange thoughts that come knocking on the door of our imaginations, but we don’t have to invite them in for lunch.

When those thoughts of fear or worry come to you at three o’clock in the morning, run them through the grid of Philippians 4:8. Say, “This is not from God. This isn’t true, and it isn’t helpful. I reject this thought, and I’m replacing it with another thought from Scripture.”

That is how you win the battle of the mind.

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