Do you forget

I have noticed that as I get older, and I am certainly getting older, more and more I am forgetting things. There have been times I have been looking for my reading glasses and I find they are on my head. That is kind of embarrassing. There are times I am looking for something that I have misplaced, and then forget what I am looking for while I am still looking for that thing.

Then there are other times when I forget where I’ve parked my car. I go into the parking structure and I can’t remember what level I parked on. So I walk around with my little remote control, pressing the button, hoping the alarm will go off. And the sad thing is I see other people doing the same thing. So I guess I am not alone out there. The truth is, I need reminders. Sometimes I will jot little notes to myself. I will even tell someone, “Remind me that I need to do thus and so.” Reminders are helpful.
We also have spiritual reminders. In church, we have Communion, where we are instructed to receive the elements—the bread and the cup—that remind us of the sacrifice of Jesus, as He said in Luke 22:19, Do this in remembrance of me.

Why do I need to be reminded? Because I forget things. And the Bible is a book that is filled with reminders. Not only that, it is a book that is filled with repetition. It tells us the same things over and over again. Why is that? Because we forget things.

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