Why do we have so much evil today?

We have finally come to a time in our history, and in America that we have yet to be able to take it all in…

I have read where people have posted, how did this happen so fast? Come on really. Hello wake up come out of your cave.

Why are there senseless wars always in progress somewhere worsening or taking the lives of already impoverished and desperate people?

No matter how much the evil has been committed in wars, riots, misgovernment and societal decline, or fake news known as social media, nothing really changes to improve, it just gets more corrupt and perverted.

What was once considered sinful, appalling and immoral is now increasingly acceptable.

First we as a people overlook evil. Then over time we legalize evil. Then we promote evil. Then we celebrate evil. And finally we persecute those who still call it evil.

Is any of this starting to sound like it’s going on now.

Please feel free to go here and watch or maybe just listen so that you might understand what’s going on.

Press on the link below.

Or here is another one that might help….

Or this might help

See how one man can change America if you help him and believe. Freedom or die. Watch below

This will see how one man can change America if you help him and believe. Freedom or die.

If you are worried watch this and this could help with all your needs and the decisions you need to make. There might not be a tomorrow.

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