“All Things Political”

“All Things Political”

“Whatever he has done I must undo!” In private the FRAUD who sits in the Oval Office has said that repeatedly. It is hardly a secret that he sees himself as the ANTI TRUMP and feels that all of what our forty fifth President achieved must be undone totally. It may tug at the heart of each and every Trump HATER but methinks it is hardly a path to success. Look no further than the southern border and you will see what Biden has created. It is an extraordinary mess. In an act of blatant stupidity, total foolishness this blithering idiot caused a humanitarian and safety crisis. He took apart a successful policy structure that took so much time to achieve as we all surely know. It was a Trump success so naturally this dimwitted buffoon said it had to go.

Everything has been turned around and going in a very wrong direction. This is truly so. During the campaign didn’t Trump warn us time and again about SLEEPY Joe?? With the splendid record our former president ran on there was no way he would not be re elected. If the election was fair that would be the case. A little thing happened on the way to a well deserved victory. MASSIVE FRAUD clearly took place. This must be said repeatedly over the objections of the PARTY OF HATE, the CORRUPT media and the TITANS of Silicone Valley. Unless we expose what happened last November the GOP will continue to be in the Congressional minority.

As the saying goes, ‘Elections have consequences’ and a very FRAUDULENT one can cut deep, to a country’s inner core. In less than three months time this ILLEGITIMATE president has achieved DISASTROUS results and it looks like there will be even more. For instance, in the Middle East Biden is looking to return to the failed policies of the Administration he was a part of. He’s determined to undo the Israeli/Arab alliance Trump helped to obtain. No doubt that this FRAUD in Chief is looking to erase all the good that was done by our former president. From it he cannot refrain. He is demented, unhinged and on a tear. We see him tearing up arrangements that have achieved their goals, their objectives. This is what this DUNCE is clearly doing. He and his PARTY OF HATE declare a WAR on Republicans, especially conservatives. It is so very troubling.

Everything is cratering for this DOLT. This is hardly surprising. His strings are being pulled and for him it is of little concern. Regarding the southern border his obsession was to totally break from Trump, to fix what is clearly not broken. From the outset that was a plan etched in stone. The trouble is this blithering idiot did not have a plan of his own. What has happened is we have become a SANCTUARY NATION. The invitation to come was accepted by thousands of illegals. This is truly Joe Biden’s mess. It is a problem of immense proportions and it will be difficult to achieve any bipartisan solution.

As we know Biden tapped his VP to work with Mexico and other countries to stem the tide at the southern border but she has been of little use. This is a vice president who cannot help spending most of her time laughing and cackling. She, as is the case with Biden, has a ‘screw or two loose’. My fellow patriots, these are times that are most trying. What is happening to our beloved America puts us on the verge of crying. As I have said earlier in this post Trump warned us about Biden and the harm he would do. It is far worse that one could ever have imagined. He is using a wrecking ball to demolish all of our cherished institutions. That is clearly taking place. Joe Biden is truly an embarrassment. He is a NATIONAL DISGRACE!!!

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