Leftist / Liberals

Funny thing about Leftist / Liberals dehumanizing white people. Allow me to point out that the first world nations are the most technologically developed, industrialized and freest in the world.

With civil liberties enforced by an independent court which provides due process of law to the accused. Generous Government assistance programs to help the poor, elderly, infirmed and disabled. Social safety nets to aid those who are having hard times financially with regards to employment.

Complex infrastructure with the highest proportion of heated / cooled and electrified homes. Along with telecommunication, media broadcasting and internet access throughout most areas. Modern conveniences like flush toilets linked to well maintained sewage disposal systems.

It is the first world nations which so much of the third world seems eager to migrate to, en mass. Specifically for one reason: civilization.

The only places on earth to have civil liberties such as due process of law, freedom of speech, freedom to practice religion of choice, freedom to engage in economic endeavors, generous social safety net and representational government are those places established by, controlled by, or colonized by Indo-Europeans.

There are no such examples of Representational Republics like the above stated, anywhere in the world, which were not founded by, controlled by or colonized by Indo-Europeans.

In the Americas: only the USA and Canada represent the above.

In Africa, there existed at one time several nations which could boast as much: yet as the locals pushed out or slaughtered the Indo-Europeans (I.E. South Africa, The Congo, Zimbabwe/Rhodesia) they descended, in less than a generation, into tribal warfare, ethnic cleansings, genocides or dictatorships.

In Asia, the only representative nations of the above are South Korea, who’s government was re-made into a Western Representational Republic after the Korean war and Japan, who’s government was re-made into a Western Representational Republic after world war 2.

Civil liberties guaranteed by the code of law, enforced by an independent court system to ensure the essential freedoms of the individual is the philosophical goal of western civilization: which is why it is only western civilization which has built first world nations.

The fact of the matter is, fully realized modernity with it’s infrastructure and technological accomplishments has only been achieved by providing the individual with freedom to think, freedom to dream and freedom to act. Which exists no where but those geographical locations tread upon by Indo-Europeans. Meaning: whites.

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