Texas Governor Greg Abbott

The Real Truth Of Miss K’s Visit To The Border

Harris “didn’t talk to Texans whose homes have been invaded, who’ve had guns brandished against them, whose property has been destroyed by gangs & cartel members coming across the border.”

“She hasn’t talked to families destroyed by Fentanyl smuggled into TX,” Abbott continued. “She doesn’t care.”
El Paso ” is not the “epicenter of the crisis.”

“The epicenter of the crisis… is 800 miles away in the Rio Grande Valley,”
And “The reason she didn’t go to the Rio Grande Valley is because that’s where the Biden cages are. That’s where you see cage after cage after cage of little boys and little girls on the floor, no beds, no mats, no cots, side by side one after the other after the other wrapped in reflective emergency blankets. That’s where you see facilities with a rate of COVID positivity of 10%. And what Kamala and Joe Biden desperately wanted to avoid is the TV cameras filming those kids in the Biden cages. So she went as far away as you can go in the state of Texas to say she went to the border.”

Harris did not offer any solutions or answers during her press conference and attributed the rise in immigration to the Biden administration’s decisions to halt building a border wall.
(which by the way… the wall built by the previous Admin created the lowest influx of illegals in 45 years.

More than 180,000 migrants were apprehended at the southern border in May, an increase over the 178,000 encountered in April and 173,000 were encountered in March — all representing the highest numbers in years. March saw a big increase from the 100,000 migrants encountered in February.

Kamala knew EXACTLY what she was doing by NOT going to the Epicenter of the Crises.

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