Lesson in life

These are lesson I wish I would’ve learn earlier in my life for my family. I did a lot of things I’m not happy about and things God wasn’t either. You have heard the saying you live and learn. That’s not a great way of putting it but you know what I’m saying. I keep asking God to forgive all the dumb things I did, and I must remember Jesus is the only reason He has. There was so many things I wish I would’ve been teaching my children and didn’t. Gods way is the only way. The Bible is filled with everything we need to know about how to live and we just don’t see it. If you have any questions how you should be doing something in your life the book of Proverbs has all the information you will ever need. It’s funny that people know we need something to help in our life’s and they keep writing books on what to do. We must wake up and read what the Lord has given us a long time ago and it’s free to read.

The environment in which children grow up influences the rest of their life. The family dynamic, particularly parental behavior, impacts their perspective about themselves, others, and the Lord. In today’s reading, for example, consider King Asa, a man in the royal line, who followed in David’s footsteps and pleased God. Now compare his story with that of Nadab, who provoked God’s anger by practicing the same evils as his father, King Jeroboam.

With those men in mind, we must consider what will become of our children if they follow in our ways. We are typically their first example of godly living, which means that they should see us praying, reading God’s Word, and communing with His people. Our families should see us turning to the Lord for strength and comfort whenever a problem or decision confronts us. Kids should see their mom and dad serving friends, neighbors, and enemies alike. And a child should always know by his parents’ actions and speech that Jesus Christ is valued above all else in their life. 

If you want your family members to desire God, then you must live according to His will. Your modeling that priority can lead them directly to the ultimate example of true life, Jesus Christ.

The Truth

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