The truth does matter

I here a lot of people, not all Christians but some say, I want to here the truth. I want to know what is true. But that really isn’t what they are saying. If the real truth isn’t what they believe in, like, or how they are living, or just rubs them the wrong way it’s not true, or they won’t listen anymore. Almost reminds me of the stories in the Bible what Jesus was going through.


Today as a nation we are in trouble. We all know what’s going on right now, but that’s just a fraction of the problem. Our country’s political parties have all gone amuck. This sermon airs out a lot of things that have been going on for years and still is today. It sounds like he talking about the here and now. It only shows that nothing has changed. Just names and faces. If you want the truth then listen to one of my favorite Pastors that tell nothing but the truth. If you can’t handle it don’t listen

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A Nation in a crisis